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How to Critique an Article: Guide

What Is an Article Critique?

If you need to write a critic essay but you are not sure where to start, you are definitely in the right place! First, let us explain what the assignment is about and how to render your point of view correctly.

Basically, it is an analysis of a certain literary piece or of scientific work. Apart from research, the author needs to show whether he supports the main argument of the analyzed piece or not.

It shouldn’t be a simple enumeration of the assignment’s arguments and ideas. Your critique must go beyond being a summary and should show your impression of the article.

Article Critique Writing

Features of a good critique paper:

  • Critique the main points of the given piece, not just summarize them. Remember, it is an analysis, not a simple enumeration of facts;
  • Back your impressions with credible information and evidence, found in reputable sources like books, articles, and journals;
  • Clarify the purpose of the article and its background to help the reader understand your point;
  • Focus on the issue of the paper, avoiding irrelevant details. They will only puzzle the reader.

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We have made a list of the main steps you should follow to write a quality assignment. They are as follows:

  1. Read and understand the article. You won’t be able to understand what to write about if you won’t read the article carefully. Write down all the facts and details you find useful, make notes and look for any background information that may clarify the author’s ideas;
  2. Develop an outline. This may not be its final version, because during the writing process you may add changes. However, the first outline will act as a plan of what to discuss;
  3. Question main points. You shouldn’t simply create a summary of an article. The only way to get a high grade is to doubt every argument and every word of the author. Dig deeper, compare paragraphs and read multiple sources to see whether the main points are correct. You can also question research methods, results, stylistic elements, and discussion. This will show your professor that you have worked thoroughly on every aspect of the assignment;
  4. Find contradictions. Every author may be biased or have prejudices, so your task is to find them and to present to the reader. Contrary evidence may be found if you pay attention to every detail. If the author mentions another source, try to find and read it. This may give you additional arguments;
  5. Write. By this stage, you will have lots of notes, which should include even the slightest details, like names of cited sources or publication date. However, it means that the most challenging part has already been done and you only need to organize those notes. Follow them, and you will see that the writing will be very simple.

    Here are the basic tips:

    • Your main argument should go in an introduction;
    • Paragraphs should always start with topic sentences and then be followed with supporting elements;
    • Provide your own thoughts in conclusions.
  6. Revise. This step is crucial, although many students decide to skip it in order to save time. We strongly recommend you to find out professor’s guidelines, choose a necessary formatting style (MLA, APA format or others) and devote enough time to detecting grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as typos and possible plagiarism.

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Article Critique Examples

To be able to write an article critique you need to possess lots of knowledge and skills: to be able to understand the subject, evaluate the structure, manage importance of the topic, grade writer’s style and notice important details. However, if you are facing such a style for the first time or lack inspiration, a critique example may be of great help.

With our free templates, you will understand the assignment, get familiar with potential implications, see the differences between various writing and formatting styles, and will also find inspiration in common phrases and words.

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