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Narrative Essay Ideas to Choose, Guides and Tips

This article will provide you with a deeper insight into the narrative essay knowledge. Even if you have decided to address to special services for assistance and to pay to do my assignment and buy the ready-made project, you still need to know what this writing task means. Such essays usually aimed at describing people, events and general experience in order to perform a lesson to the audience. It is similar to the story, but the difference is that it is focused on a particular theme. The reader finds out the previous events, the current happenings and receives a clear message. This essay can be based on the true story, novel, music or can be completely fictional.

Definition of Narrative Essay

As we already stated, a narrative essay has a particular motif or the main idea that is in the center of the narrative content. All events, emotions, findings, that are in the descriptive essay circles around this point and are described to disclose it. As well as the five-paragraph essay, it is divided into parts. But its peculiarity is that it has not only the narrative part but also plot characters setting and dialogues.

There are some specifications about the format as well. The short story, for instance, does not have the central idea and events can happen randomly, the facts can be altered, the process can be skipped sometimes even without any possible logical conclusion of the game. While the narrative essay is focused on the single motif and it ends logically, leaving the reader completely satisfied with the amount of provided information and incredible reasons. This is the sign of first-class work. You can focus on hopes, dreams, future plans, memory, love, book and even your personal challenge management.

How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step

We are here to make your life easier. Education is playing an important role. That is why we have prepared this paragraph about writing a narrative essay in five steps for you to perfect your skills. This is a common practice that will help you to make the best of your assignment. So, here is the list of these steps:

  1. Preparing. The key to success for the good narrative essay is its truthfulness. You need to use events from your life or simply real events to disclose the topic. You are lucky if you have a chance to choose your topics for a narrative essay. Think of your life and what events had the strongest impact on your personality. Add some relevant details as well to make your story real. This may help in creating the right impression and understanding of the situation.
  2. Drafting. Start with creating an outline. Despite you have to follow the basic structure that includes intro, body, and conclusion, you still need to define what events should be mentioned first and what could be presented as a concluding one. Moreover, with creating the first draft you will see the general picture, how it revolves and check whether you have chosen the right direction. You can make sure that your thoughts in the right order and you did not forget to place all points.
  3. Review. On the “drafting” stage you are able to modify the structure, plot and general mood of your essay. But when you eventually come up with the final draft, you need to revise your text again. This is required just to make sure that you agree on the chosen techniques and are satisfied with the result.
  4. Editing. This is an important stage of your essay production. Your reader prefers to spend a period of time getting the information instead of noticing the mistakes.
  5. Publishing. Sharing your essay is not a necessary but still beneficial stage. As soon as you let your friends, relatives or other close ones read your essay, you will be able to get valuable feedback that can help you in polishing your text. This can be beneficial if you write this essay for college, school or university homework if you are a student. But other writers have more freedom and they can create a post on their social media page.

Structure of Narrative Paper

There is nothing unique in the structure of the narrative essay. Moreover, this is a kind of essays and academic writing that has the most classical structure. It starts with an introduction, then you unfold the main idea and events in the body section and in the conclusion you reveal the purpose of your story, some useful lesson or the estimation of the described events. Let’s take a closer look at these parts.


In the narrative essay, you do not have usually write a long intro. This is the part where you outline the backstory, setting and simply tune the reader on the right mood. You do not have to reveal all the aspects you are about to disclose. Reserve them for later. Your task here is to “hook” the reader.


There are not any restrictions to the size and the structure of the body section. It is up to you how many paragraphs you include in it as you are free to choose what to write a personal narrative about. But here you need to develop your story, make it interesting, impressive, entertaining and compelling to the reader and show the importance of your message. Center your story on the idea or policy and gradually lead to the culmination of your narration. Speaking of the required components, to make your story right, you should include sentences that refer to the topic, background parts, and details. You also can add dialogues in your story to open your characters more.


As a rule, this part should not be too long. It serves just to make the logical finale of your story. You need to tell the reader what lessons you have learned, what experience have gained, what price paid etc. It should be coherent with an introduction and “frame” the whole story.

How to Write Dialogue in a Narrative Essay

You can use direct and indirect dialogues in your story. Your main task here is to make clear who tells what in order not to confuse the reader. While in indirect speech you usually refer to the speaker, with direct dialogues things are a bit harder. Here are some recommendations:

  • use special quotation marks in order to show what words belong to the character;
  • start a new paragraph for the lines of another person;
  • make sure that it is clear who the speaker is in the moment, whether it is a mother, a daughter if this is a conversation between a parent and a kid;
  • check the grammar and punctuation, even if you show how you talk to yourself.

Where to Find Ideas for Writing a Personal Narrative Paper

The best way to find inspiration for narrative ideas and learn how to write great essays is to study examples of this writing. This will not only entertain you but also provide an understanding of what approaches and techniques.

While defining your own topic, the good news here is that you do not have to conduct researches. It is all in your head as soon as you write about your own experience, what you have faced as a child, the biggest journey in your life, an exciting place you have visited, conflict with family, the difficult year or even about the parties with friends. Try to find the topic that will be a more personal experience and unique, that is not too often can be found online. However, the internet can be a source of inspiration as well. Or if you want to talk about “popular” events that we usually experience in our lives, like when you lose your job or create a professional problem you could not find a solution to make sure you will look at them from your personal and unique angle. Complete the story with analysis and proofs to your point of view.

What are Different Categories of Great Narrative Essay Topics?

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