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How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Definition, Elements, Examples

assignment writing

Are you looking for tips on how to make an outline, thesis or any other part of a descriptive paper? Don’t know what vocabulary to use to show the topic significance and catch the attention of the audience to persuade them to read your paper further? Struggling to choose an interesting and catchy topic? Then this article is definitely for you! Our professional writers and editors will share the best tips on the definition, structure, and format of the task.

In this comprehensive guideline, we will help you to write a descriptive essay with a flawless outline, will tell how to write every section and will show that with a proper approach this assignment is simple!

If you don’t have the necessary experience, not willing to brainstorm the topic and need qualified help in describing a subject, event or place, just go on reading. The key to success is rather simple: you should focus on the chosen object (or subject) and draw a clear and comprehensive image in the minds of your readers to let them feel all the senses and peculiarities of the story.

What Is a Descriptive Essay? Descriptive Writing Definition

Let us start with the assignment’s definition. It is a powerful tool, which aims to portray a person, a location or a thing using all of the sensory details. This sort of an assignment aims to describe a chosen issue (whether it is a person, object, place, emotion, event or experience) and gives lots of freedom to the writer, whose main goal is to depict the chosen element in vivid colors. The more senses are involved, the better.

The main point of a good descriptive essay is that your reader must be able to have a complete impression of the issue you are describing, feeling the presence at the moment. If they fail, you should rewrite the paper and try again.

This type of essays is important and useful because it allows students to learn how to depict people or events in multiple other works, including travel journals, biographies, memoirs and much more. That is why such a task helps not only to improve your grade but also to master new types of techniques for better writing and understanding of the subject.

Descriptive Essay Outline

It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school or a college student: starting your essay with an outline is a great chance to structure your work and not to miss a single detail out. Even if your essay is quite brief and simple, try to write an outline, and you’ll see how quickly it will become a positive habit.

The best way to organize your paper so that it makes sense is to write down all of the paragraphs you are willing to include in chronological order. Start with general ideas and then proceed with adding more specific details.

Start with writing an effective descriptive thesis that will support your whole essay. Then make a list of all the ideas and details, which will support your hypothesis or thesis. The best advice here is to use different columns, dividing these details into categories. For example:

  • Personifications;
  • Metaphors;
  • Hyperboles;
  • Descriptive adjectives;
  • Similes.

Write down all of the specific details you are willing to use in your future work. They should include all of the ideas, thoughts, and arguments you are going to discuss. Don’t forget that your essay’s outline must include such parts as introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. These elements make up a basic structure of each essay if your tutor does not indicate else.

Critical Elements of Descriptive Essay, Format

If you are genuinely interested in learning how to write descriptively paper, you will need to remember the following steps or even learn them by heart.

  1. Always start your introduction with a hook. Along with a thesis, it is the key element of the first paragraph, and it helps you to catch the attention of the reader. A hook can be a joke, a quote, an interesting fact or a juicy detail from your own life;
  2. Work on body paragraphs thoroughly. They make up the heart of the paper, so make sure you follow a clear structure: the first sentence is the introduction of the argument, further sentences are supporting details. Use a bright language to make your essay interesting and detailed;
  3. A remarkable conclusion, where you need to restate a thesis and emphasize the importance of the topic, indicating significant and specific details;
  4. Proofread and edit your paper as many times as necessary to make it flawless. Polish the draft and use online checkers for any spelling and grammar mistakes.

How to Start a Descriptive Essay: Introduction

The introduction is a part, where you explain the topic of the essay, give background information and persuade the readers that the subject is worth their attention. Make sure the reader understands what you are going to discuss before proceeding to the body paragraphs.

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The most important tips on writing an introduction include:

  • Stick to a proper choice of words. It is impossible to underestimate the power of words, so if you want to be heard and understood, used vocabulary must not only be appropriate but also adjusted to the audience and its academic level;
  • Give specific but still generalized information. In a few sentences, you need to explain the goal of your essay but not going too deep into details. If the reader sees your main idea in the introduction, he won’t continue reading the whole work.

Place your thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. It is a sentence, which summarizes the goal of your paper. It must act as a guide for what the reader will learn through the main paragraphs.

How to Write a Descriptive Paragraph: Body

The main body always follows an introduction. It is the heart of your essay and takes the biggest amount of time. It is a part, where all of the main points should be covered. Moreover, they must correspond and cover your thesis. A good body should:

  • Start with a topic sentence. The idea must be clear and understandable so that the reader feels comfortable with the use of words and arguments;
  • Be linked with appropriate transition words. There are hundreds of them, so we recommend printing all of them out and having in front of your eyes any time you are working on a written assignment;
  • Be well organized. This concerns length of paragraphs (maximum six sentences), appropriate placement of ideas, etc. If you have doubts, it is better to rewrite paragraphs until you are satisfied with results.

Essay Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what descriptive essay topics you choose, the final part of your essay remains the same. The conclusion is your last chance to impress the audience and make it want to discover the subject even further.

Your grade will greatly depend on the words you choose for this section, so never neglect the final part even if you feel tired and have no energy left.

The conclusion should consist of a restated thesis, main arguments of the essay and a call-to-action. If writing final sections is not your strong side, you can download an essay sample and get familiar with lots of catchy elements students use.

Remember, it is better to finish your conclusion with a juicy detail, an open question or a debatable idea to make the reader want to discuss the topic further.

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61+ Descriptive Essay Topics Ideas

  1. A house at the base of a mountain, or near a body of water
  2. The inside of a picturesque restaurant, building or room
  3. The outside of a sprawling cathedral
  4. A park in the middle of the day
  5. One’s actual house or apartment complex
  6. A cemetery at midnight
  7. A waiting room at a doctor’s office or hospital
  8. One’s dream house
  9. A garden or a flowerbed of colorful flowers or plants or trees
  10. A street that is illuminated at night by the streetlights
  11. A beautiful (or horrid) landscape
  12. A place where a natural disaster has occurred
  13. A favorite restaurant, hangout spot or personal retreat
  14. A scene of an accident or crime
  15. A place visited as a child, teen or young adult
  16. An art exhibit or museum
  17. A school or college campus
  18. The neighborhood in which the student-writer grew up
  19. An inspiring view
  20. Children playing during a hot summer’s day
  21. A priest during a sermon or leading a prayer or invocation
  22. A president, political figure or leader
  23. A historic figure
  24. A celebrity
  25. A family member
  26. A best friend
  27. A mystical creature
  28. A character from a book or film or TV show
  29. A boss
  30. A professor
  31. A musical instrument – a trumpet, a guitar or a piano, for example – and its surroundings
  32. A vehicle, a car, a train, city bus
  33. An article of furniture
  34. An article of furniture
  35. A plate of vibrantly colored or uniquely arranged food
  36. A work of art, whether a painting or abstract sculpture, etc.
  37. A piece of jewelry or a collection of jewelry
  38. A vase of flowers
  39. The inside of a garage or attic
  40. A photograph
  41. A bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, surfboard, etc.
  42. A costume or an article of clothing
  43. The cover of a book, an album, a movie or DVD
  44. An animal, whether a domestic pet, a wild animal, or one in captivity (like a zoo or aquarium)
  45. A sunrise or a sunset
  46. The view of an ocean or beach
  47. A childhood memory, trip, experience, a special moment
  48. A wedding, funeral, party or celebration
  49. A memorable birthday
  50. A sporting event
  51. Tell which food you love most.
  52. Describe doing something for the first time.
  53. Can you imagine the world without laws and restrictions?
  54. What is your favorite kind of sports?
  55. Describe the well-known celebrity.
  56. Describe your unique experience.
  57. Give a detailed description of some process.
  58. Describe all steps necessary to learn to ride a bike.
  59. Describe holiday traditions in your family.
  60. How do you spend your working day?
  61. How do you imagine your perfect match? Include the description of his/her appearance and character.

Descriptive Essay Examples

A descriptive essay is one of the most popular essay types, so any student will surely face it multiple times throughout school or college years. If you face it for the first time or have any difficulties, get familiar with our college essay examples to understand how they should be written.

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