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The Best Method to Create an Argumentative Essay Outline

Do you often ask Google ‘how to cope with writing my assignment?’ If you are snowed under multiple tasks and don’t know what to do, don’t worry! Our guidelines will help you to master peculiarities of one of the most difficult types of essays, and you won’t have to worry about how to write an outline for an argumentative essay.

Basically, an outline is a plan of the future work, and the more time you spend on it, the simpler it will be to write an argumentative essay in the future. Unfortunately, many students prefer skipping this stage because they think it is a waste of time.

Luckily, after reading this article, you will have no questions left and will see what a treasure an outline is! With its help, you will boost your productivity, will find the best ways to grab the reader’s attention and will know exactly what to include in your essay!

Argumentative Essay Structure

Let us start by getting familiar with how to outline an argumentative essay. Luckily, the structure of such a plan is the same as a whole essay. The only difference is that an outline contains brief information, while the main paragraphs consist of a broader text.

If the tutor does not indicate else, your outline should consist of the following elements:

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs;
  • Refusing arguments of opponents;
  • Conclusion.

Although it is important to always stick to your thesis, you shouldn’t forget about your opponents’ arguments. Being able to reflect and defeat them will add credit and value to your own claim.

Section 1: Introduction

Your argumentative paper and its outline should always start with an introduction section. Below are the elements it should consist of.

  1. Hook sentence

    Even if you only start writing your essay outline, it is important to come up with a grabbing sentence, which will catch the attention of the audience. First, find out who your reader is because different people need a different hook.

    For example, if you write a paper on why Spanish should become a second official language in the US, your hook sentence could be as follows:

    Considering that the majority of immigrants in the US originate from Latin America and speak Spanish, it should become the second official language in the country.

  2. Background data

    This outline section doesn’t require too much information. Just name the subject and briefly explain what you will be discussing in your essay. Don’t forget to write about why the subject is important.

  3. Writing a thesis statement

    This section should consist of the main claim. It shouldn’t contain questions and must solely rely on the main argument in a clear and focused manner. Remember, you will need to support this thesis throughout the whole paper.

    However, there is no need to worry because you can adjust your thesis if during the writing process, you decide to change the course of an essay.

  4. Section 2: Arguments

    As you already know, you will need to support your claim with the evidence you find in reliable sources. Depending on the number of arguments you want to add to your essay, there may be five main paragraphs in the paper.

    1. Claim

      It is the main statement, which supports your thesis and is situated at the beginning of the paragraph.

    2. Evidence to support your arguments

      If you don’t provide credible information like statistics and facts, your reader won’t believe you. This section has nothing to do with your own opinion and should be based on reliable information.

      Lack of evidence will make the reader think that you are subjective and judgmental.

    Section 3: Claims of opponents

    We all have different opinions on the same topic, and it is completely normal. That is why you need to remain patient and research why people may not support the idea of having a second official language. This will help you to work on the third section of an essay and to enrich your personal knowledge with valuable information.

    Some people don’t want to have any other official language; others are not willing to learn more, while some are not eager to build relationships with Mexican people. Try to build strong arguments against every claim, because it will help you to win the debates and answer questions of the audience.

    Section 4: Conclusion

    1. Rewriting your thesis

      After dealing with the opponent’s claims, it is important to remind the audience your main thought. Make it obvious that your argument is the winning one.

    2. Stating the importance of the topic

      If you want to make your essay strong and persuasive, you need to use valuable arguments.

    Tips for Writing Argumentative Essay

    We have made a brief argumentative essay writing instruction with the best tips you can use when working on your paper:

    • Understand the subject before writing an outline;
    • Create a research plan;
    • Give data, statistics and other facts to support your claim;
    • Remain brief and focused;
    • Stick to simple sentences;
    • Edit your paper before submitting it.

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    Section: Conclusion

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    The final section of your essay should be a conclusion. It is very important because it gives you a chance to highlight and remind the most valuable findings of the work.

    Here are the main elements, which your conclusion should consist of:

    • Topic relevance. Restating your thesis and reminding why the subject is important will make the reader more focused;
    • Picture of the future if the argument will or will not be implemented. In such a way, you will give a clear example of why the discussed subject is important.

    Argumentative Paper Ideas to Check

    Even before you proceed with basic argumentative essay outline writing, it is necessary to choose a great topic. Write down several options and ask yourself whether there is much information on the subject online. Are there any reliable sources? Is your topic fresh or have been used multiple times? Is there an opposing argument?

    To grab your reader, you need to be sure that the chosen topic has good arguments. Here are some examples of a winning topic:

    • Why is Gun Control ineffective?
    • Attitude to refugees in the United States;
    • The efficiency of online education.

    These topics have an opposing argument, which makes the main idea even stronger. Once you have selected the subject to discuss, it is the right time to start writing. Good luck!

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