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Free Plagiarism Checker Online - Be Sure Your Text Is 100% Unique

While studying at a college or university, students have to write a huge amount of academic papers. Essays, research reports, reviews, presentations and so on. They must be of high quality, interesting, and free from mistakes. But the uniqueness is no less important. If you simply copy someone else's paper, your teacher will not take it well, and your reputation will be spoiled. Many educational institutions take plagiarism extremely serious, students are even expelled for it. But even if you’ve finished your study, you still can’t use someone else’s intellectual property. By copying the text, you steal it. At least it's not fair.

But what if you were inspired by someone else's work, used citation from it and are not sure that your paper is 100% unique? There is special plagiarism software for verification.

How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?

This software is very easy to use. Open the appropriate website or the application, select the necessary settings and insert your text in a special field. After that click the button "Check". This whole process takes a couple of minutes. When the system finishes, you will receive a detailed report on your paper. It will contain detailed information on uniqueness, a list of sources with matches found. Most likely, non-unique words and sentences will be highlighted in the text, so you can delete or edit them and avoid plagiarism.

As soon as the program receives the “check for plagiarism” command, it analyzes the article and compares it with other texts on the Internet. The duration of the check depends on the length of the text. The larger your text, the longer the verification. Note that many services limit the number of words or symbols that can be checked at a time. Then you will need to break the text into pieces.

Plagiarism Checker for Students

Whatever assignment you receive - it is important to make it unique. You need a good idea and its high-quality development to prepare the term paper. Other students, teachers will react badly if you just steal someone else’s capstone project. Then what is the point of your studies? Sometimes it is better when the research paper is not so chic but reflects your level of knowledge and your personal experience.

Nowadays many students contact the essay writing service and order ready-made case study and other types of paper. You can just ask for help: “write my paper” and a professional writer will provide you with a document you need for a reasonable price. It is OK when you use such services from time to time, as sometimes all of us don’t have enough time to cope with all students’ assignments. Even if you trust the service and have no doubts that they have provided you with a top-notch paper, it is better to use a free plagiarism checker for students to be sure. Grammar checking is also necessary. 

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Plagiarism Checker for Bloggers

Not only students are involved in writing texts. You can be a blogger, a freelance writer, copywriter. In each of these cases, you cannot duplicate content. If you have an issue with your grammar or language, you can hire an editor or a team, and if you don’t sure about the uniqueness, use a reliable plagiarism detector. You can’t even imagine how often do people copy the content. Articles, posts, customer reviews. So if you write any kind of text, e.g. movie review or work with a ghostwriter, use that tool to be sure your articles are unique. It will improve your global rating and save your reputation. Your audience is waiting that you create interesting and original content. So do that.

What is Considered Plagiarism?

There are many other signs of plagiarism that lead to inconveniences:

  • Patchwriting or paraphrasing - when one rewrites the words of another author and place them in the essay without indicating the original writer
  • Invented Sources - when one comes up with non-existent sources and quote them
  • Self-plagiarism - using text from one’s own published paper
  • Fake citations - using incorrect sources
  • Misleading Citations - quoting the author without indicating the source
  • Incremental plagiarism - poorly rewritten content
  • Direct plagiarism - verbatim copied part of the text
  • Accidental plagiarism - the form of inadvertent copying, random coincidence

Advantages Of Plagiarism Checker By DoAnAssignment

You can check the paper on our website as we have a simple tool with a lot of advantages described below.

It’s Free

You don’t have to pay anything, so save your money for something more pleasant. A free online plagiarism checker can save money and ensure the quality of your research proposal or other paper.

Safe and Fast

It is important to keep all papers secret until you publish them officially. This applies to academic writing, book movie, business plan, etc. With our free plagiarism checker online, you don't have to worry about your paper appearing online. And the check itself will not take you much time.

High-quality check

Not all services are equally good. Sometimes you are sure that your text is 100% unique, but it is not. Therefore, choose our online plagiarism checking to guarantee the result. Ideally, you should check the text on several sites to detect plagiarism and make amends.

Simple in use

We understand that writing a text took you a lot of time and energy. Usually, students check for plagiarism already before the deadline and the terms are limited. Therefore, our checker tool is as easy to use as possible. 

Identify Original Sources

When the tool will finish, you receive a list of main sources with which matches were found.

Real-Time Paper Editing

You can make changes directly to the text and immediately check the result. This is very convenient since sometimes it is enough to change one sentence to grow the percentage of uniqueness. By editing the paper online, you will save time and fix the situation.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker With Percentage

Ask your mentor in advance what success rate is considered to be acceptable. It may vary depending on the paper format. It doesn’t matter if there are quotes in the text, but in general, you have to prepare the original content.

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