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The Way to Write Good Reaction Paper

Every semester you get an assignment to read an article, a book or to watch a film to write a reaction on the given material. Unfortunately, it is not as simple, as it seems at first, and many students need assignment help and guidelines to get an A.

When giving such a task, tutors usually expect to see how well you can summarize material and try to evaluate your writing skills. In this article, we will tell you how a good response paper should look like.

A great paper should consist of the following elements:

  • Details of the analyzed piece: its title, author’s name, publication date, etc.;
  • Summary of the key features;
  • Brief content of the analyzed material;
  • Only factual and objective information;
  • Your reaction on the work. Try to detect how the chosen piece reflects ideas of the course, why its points are important, and how it relates to the modern world.

What Is a Reaction Paper?

When writing a reaction essay, you need to pay careful attention to your inner voice and to detect what you think or feel about the chosen text. During the work, you must analyze strong and weak aspects of the source, and how well the author managed to reach his objective.

However, the reactionary paper is not a work, where you simply share opinion. It requires a thorough reading of the text to understand its ideas and to evaluate the main goals and purpose of the author. When working on the paper, you can use the first person.

  • When analyzing text, support your ideas with evidence from the source, as well as with your conclusions;
  • If you are given several texts, compare them. If one – compare it to the topics discussed in the class;
  • Ask the instructor to determine all the sources you can get information from. They may include discussions in the class, lectures, movies, etc.

How to Start a Reaction Paper

Writing a response always starts with understanding the goal of writing. You need to determine what objectives the author had when rendered his ideas in a certain way. If you decide to get familiar with templates of similar works, you may notice that the beginning of such a paper is usually the same and consists of the following elements:

  • Context. To help the reader make up personal opinion and evaluate the text, you need to give insight into the background of the story;
  • A need. To engage readers, you need to explain why they should pay attention to your opinion. Start by showing that your thoughts may be useful and that they are significant enough to make a statement;
  • Thesis statement. To give your assignment a direction, you should include a thesis sentence at the beginning of your work. It must render the main idea of your paper and explain what you are going to discuss;
  • Provide details. Once you read a book, it is necessary to write down the author’s name, title, and date of publication to present these details to the reader.

Although many students find completing all of these sections quite challenging, we assure you that there is nothing complex and you need to follow our tips or just place an order.

Suggestions for Writing Summaries

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For those of students, who are struggling to create an outstanding reaction research paper summary, we have made a universal guideline. You can apply it to any other task you have and be sure that it will be highly praised by your tutor!

1. Clarify the task.

First, you need to make sure that you understand the tutor’s requirements for your summary. To be on a safe side, ask the teacher what size your summary should be and what elements it should include;

2. Read
  • Read the source text without grading it. Simply notice the main question and topics to understand where you may look for supporting evidence in future;
  • Write down a topic sentence, which will reflect the main point of the whole text. If you experience difficulties, write down the main question of the source text, and it will be much easier to find the key statement;
  • If you can’t find an explicit thesis, you need to reread the text over and over again until you are sure what the main point of the text is. It is impossible to recommend the work if you don’t know what it is about;
  • Read the text once again and write down all of the points that support the thesis and detect logical connections between claims. Usually, such sentences have the following structure: and/and/and or and/but/so/since, etc.
3. Write
  • The first part of the paper should contain the title of the text, its author and source;
  • Indicate the thesis statement in your own words and then describe the main point, which supports the thesis. Don’t include your own opinion on this section, because it must rely only on what the author thinks;
  • Read your first draft aloud. You need to make sure that paragraphs and a conclusion sound good together. This means that your text should be free from any unnecessary details and information. Check whether the whole text makes a perfect sense. Make sure that the length of your paper is appropriate. If there are no specific requirements, stick to the common rule: your summary should make up ÂĽ of the paper volume. Don’t hesitate to cross out unnecessary phrases or even sentences to make the text clear and readable;
  • Revise the draft once again to make sure the chosen vocabulary is appropriate and renders your message in the best way;
  • Once you think that your summary is good enough, ask your friends or relatives to read it and evaluate critically. See whether the reader understands the key points of the text after getting familiar with your summary;
  • When you make changes based on remarks of your reader, proofread and edit the paper;
  • Take some time to read the summary again before delivering it to your professor.

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