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ID 10963 Adam, Canada
5 stars
“It was my first experience with the custom writing service and to be honest I was unsure. I was worrying whether I will get the research paper I needed on time and what if I lose money…But all my doubts faded away when I met my wonderful writer. She was extremely helpful. Now I know for sure if I ever need a paper again I can definitely rely on doanassignment.com!”
Topic title: Relationship Between Race and Educational Levels
Discipline: Sociology
Types of paper: Dissertation chapter
Academic level: University
Date: 28.04.19
Pages: 9
Time: 1 day
ID 11784 Alek, the USA
5 stars
“Recently I’ve got a job of my dream and I want to dedicate all my time to. But I’m finishing my degree and has to complete all the tasks. Thinking how I can manage it, I’ve found DoAnAssignment and decided to try, for a few month that has been a great help for that money.”
Discipline: Linguistics
Types of paper: Business plan
Academic level: College
Date: 13.05.19
Pages: 3
Time: 3 days
ID 12459 Glan, New Zealand
5 stars
“Thank you for a good work! Doanassignment gave me a professional consultation before I ordered an essay. In my opinion, this company has a high level of academic writing expertise and they are responsive when you need support.”
Topic title: Why do you want to study at this university?
Discipline: History
Types of paper: Admission essay
Academic level: High School
Date: 23.05.19
Pages: 4
Time: 5 days
ID 16584 Grag, the USA
5 stars
“I ordered papers and essays a few times from doanassignment.com and I have never been upset about the result. It’s a pleasure to work with such responsible people. They always stick to deadlines, that’s why I think so many students use this service. I’m sure I’ll ask them to do my papers again!”
Topic title: Which genetic engineering projects should be given the most funding?
Discipline: Technology
Types of paper: Thesis
Academic level: University
Date: 11.07.19
Pages: 5
Time: 9 days
ID 14285 James, New Zealand
5 stars
“I ordered an essay and asked doanAssignment service to deliver it to me by the end of the week. I don’t know how they did it but I got my essay within 2 days. It sounds and looks amazing.”
Topic title: Government
Discipline: Healthcare
Types of paper: Creative writing
Academic level: College
Date: 21.06.19
Pages: 3
Time: 1 days
ID 12469 Kaily, the United Kingdom
5 stars
“At the end of the study year, I get very frustrated because there is so much to do. Last year I was so busy with finishing writing assignments that I completely forgot about my coursework. Luckily my friend told me that he ordered his coursework at doanassignment.com which saved me from a disaster at college as well. I also used the service and got a brilliant coursework within a week. I want to express my gratitude to my writer, who helped me in such a short term.”
Topic title: Climate change
Discipline: Ecology
Types of paper: Critical thinking
Academic level: College
Date: 29.05.19
Pages: 4
Time: 3 hours
ID 9457 Kate, the United Kingdom
5 stars
“Today I’ve got the best result ever. My teacher said my essay was the best among 20 other students’ essays! And this is only thanks to my writer at doanassignment!”
Topic title: Linear regression and correlation
Discipline: Statistics
Types of paper: Coursework
Academic level: PhD
Date: 12.04.19
Pages: 29
Time: 38 days
ID 11429 Mike, the USA
5 stars
“I want to say thank you to my writer. It was the best essay I could dream of. I ordered essays twice from the same writer and he never let me down. He follows the instructions and makes me happy every time I ask doanassignment for help.”
Topic title: Families and Crime
Discipline: Criminal justice
Types of paper: Research proposal
Academic level: College
Date: 09.05.19
Pages: 6
Time: 2 days
ID 13941 Oliver, Canada
5 stars
“Great advantage about doanassignment.com is the customer support. They do work without stop and they answer your questions at any time of the day and night.”
Topic title: Airbags. Implementing a new system that would make cars more secure.
Discipline: Engineering
Types of paper: Term paper
Academic level: College
Date: 11.06.19
Pages: 2
Time: 8 hours
ID 13421 Rachel, Australia
5 stars
“The service is very convenient. I have ordered a couple of writing assignments at doanassignment.com inclusing essays and research papers, and I have always gotten well structured works that meet all the requirements of my teachers. Besides the writers never have problems with the deadlines, so I've got nothing to worry about!”
Topic title: Different Mountain ranges in world and their origin
Discipline: Geography
Types of paper: Dissertation chapter
Academic level: University
Date: 08.06.19
Pages: 48
Time: 14 days
ID 14060 Ray, the USA
5 stars
“I would say guys at donanassignment are real experts in essay writing. Every time I order an essay here I hear lots of positive feedback from the teachers, so I am definitely glad I once found this service. First, support chose the writer for me automatically and he was really an expert so I asked to work with him for my next orders, and he never messed up.”
Topic title: Budget Deficits and Public Debt
Discipline: Economics
Types of paper: Editing
Academic level: High School
Date: 17.06.19
Pages: 2
Time: 3 hours
ID 14699 Rita, Canada
5 stars
“I am studying hard so writing one more paper with a short deadline was literally impossible. I was lucky to find Doanassignment.com on the internet. I read all information about the service and thought that it is too good to be true. As long as I did not have much time I decided to order a paper and hope for the best. As a result, I got a good research paper without plagiarism and mistakes. Thanks!”
Topic title: Waves and Sound
Discipline: Physics
Types of paper: Research paper
Academic level: High School
Date: 25.06.19
Pages: 6
Time: 2 days
ID 16337 Sam, the USA
5 stars
“I ordered a paper a month ago and I’m sorry that I didn’t publish my comment earlier. Too busy with studying…It was a great experience that I will never forget. I think that doanassignment.com is the best place for everyone who is busy writing papers or working. These guys are very responsible and helpful. I got the A+ for my essay which I would never get if I was writing papers by myself.”
Topic title: Writer's choice
Discipline: Philosophy
Types of paper: Coursework
Academic level: University
Date: 30.06.19
Pages: 11
Time: 7 days
ID 12976 Sandra, Australia
5 stars
“My writer at Doanassignment is my first aid. I asked her to do my research paper and helped her with some information that I had. I was really surprised when I read my ready paper. It was excellent. I would never write a research paper like that. My university professor was very happy with the homework which was my aim!”
Topic title: Nuclear Energy for Today's World
Discipline: Chemistry
Types of paper: Case study
Academic level: High School
Date: 02.06.19
Pages: 4
Time: 2 days
ID 10523 Tom, the USA
5 stars
“I’ve tried a lot of custom writing companies but none met my requirement. I found doanassignment.com by high rates and decided to try it. The research paper they’ve created for me helped me to pass one of the most important exams this year. My writer was very attentive, the paper was written according to all my initial instructions and even my additional revision directions after the completion of the order were made free.”
Topic title: Social Media
Discipline: Urban studies
Types of paper: Dissertation chapter
Academic level: Master's
Date: 22.04.19
Pages: 52
Time: 14 days
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