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Descriptive Essay Examples – Ideas From Best Writers

March 30, 2021

A descriptive essay is a type of academic paper in which the author describes a person, place, event, or thing. The purpose of this essay is to show the reader a person or place from your point of view.

More often than not, you can see the descriptive style in literary works. For example, in novels, dramas, and fairy tales, the writer describes the characters, emotions, and events. This technique allows the writer to transfer the reader into the story and make him feel like the book’s hero. 

This essay can influence the opinions of the reader. Your only goal is to paint a realistic and relevant picture that will help the reader get into the details.

Writing a descriptive essay is both rewarding, fun, and challenging. Someone cannot find the right words, and someone hesitates to bring feelings out to the public. Therefore, our writers have prepared good descriptive essay examples to make your writing process more comfortable. However, if you want to create your essay, you must know its structure.

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Descriptive Essay Structure

A descriptive essay consists of simple components. However, each of them has its nuances. Let’s figure them out together.


The first paragraph of the descriptive essay is an introduction. It sets the tone and mood for the entire text. Therefore, you must find a strong hook that grabs the reader’s attention and sets your essay apart from thousands of others for the introduction. In the introduction, you should familiarize the reader with the article’s topic and main idea.

Some students think that if they add a lot of shocking information to the text, they will make the essay more meaningful. This opinion is erroneous. By adding too much information to the intro, you minimize your chances of making an exciting body. Therefore, limit yourself to just a strong hook and a few sentences to familiarize the reader with the topic.

Consider some examples of introductory sentences:

  1. If your essay is about describing mom, you can start it like this: “My mom is a very mysterious woman. She is an animal advocate, perfect cook, and loving wife, mom.”
  2. If you are describing an object, then you can start your essay like this: “For many years I dreamed of seeing the seven wonders of the world. Recently, my dream came true, and I visited several amazing places.”

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the basis for all your writing work. In a descriptive essay, the thesis is usually the driving argument for writing the essay. Most often, the thesis is placed at the end of the first paragraph. As you write your essay, your main idea may change slightly, so at the end of the work, do not forget to re-read everything again and evaluate whether the thesis still reflects the resulting work’s content.

The thesis can consist of one sentence, but it must reflect the purpose of the essay. For you to understand how the thesis should look, check out the examples below.

An example of a thesis statement for an essay about a place:

  1. “Buckingham Palace reminds us of the beauty of the era of monarchs, even though their reign is long over. Therefore, I believe that in the 21st century, Buckingham Palace is a historically important building.”

An example of a thesis statement for an essay about a person:

  1. “Spider-Man is very often associated with the spiderweb. However, this character has performed many feats that people forget about.”


In body paragraphs, you include most of the information: central claims, arguments, examples, quotes. Most often, the body consists of three sections. However, depending on the topic of the article, there may be fewer or more paragraphs. For example, you can talk about the war for a very long time. It is possible to describe a street, a house, flowers because they include only details, but not historical events. If you want to make your essay very voluminous, but there is little information for this, you do not need to overdo it. Perhaps this is the topic for short articles.


A strong conclusion can make an essay more successful. Some students, most of all, put their energy into the central part and forget about the finale. A conclusion that does not carry a semantic load can harm readers’ opinions, and you will do all your work in vain. In conclusion, do not add new information. Keep it short but to the point.

Descriptive Essay Examples & Ideas

It is challenging to create an excellent descriptive essay. Many students look at the examples to understand the structure of the paper. Therefore, you should also analyze descriptive essay examples and gain experience. Below we have compiled a few sample essays for free to inspire you to create an article.

Descriptive Essay Example About A Mother

More often than not, students choose to write about a person when it comes to descriptive essays. It is straightforward to describe parents, friends, relatives because you know everything about them. We have prepared an example of a descriptive essay about mom:

A mother’s heart loves her children in all situations. The desire to raise a child who will justify all hopes and expectations, from this day on, occupies all the mother’s thoughts, and only the child now completely belongs to her loving mother’s heart.

The dearest person for me is my mother. My mom is friendly, kind, gentle, affectionate, cheerful. She knows how to support in difficult times and gives good advice. My mom is medium height, slim, and very feminine. She has lovely curly hair.

My mom’s eyes are as blue as the sky. They are always clear and radiate benevolence. Her lips are bright red, like ripe cherries. Her face is always illuminated with an affectionate smile that cheers up and relieves fatigue. Mom says calmly, in a gentle tone. It is exciting and pleasant to listen to, talk to her. My mom is very patient, flexible.

My mom is a beauty standard, an example to follow in everything. Her demeanor makes her proud, and her very presence causes a constant feeling of security, gives self-confidence. Mom is irreplaceable. Any sincere, kind attitude from others, be it a friend or a grandmother, will not create that comfort, confidence in life, that situation of mutual understanding that exists between my mother and me.

Descriptive Essay Example About Birthday

In their lives, people are faced with several events and incidents. Therefore, you can write about a wedding, party, war, or any other event that you remember in a descriptive essay. We have prepared a descriptive essay about birthday:

From early childhood, I remember celebrating my birthday with my family. My mother dressed me in a magnificent, beautiful dress from the very morning, did a festive hairstyle, and I, beautiful and happy, welcomed the guests. Everything has changed because I have grown up, but my holiday has become no worse for me.

I have made good friends who are preparing surprises for me, helping me prepare to meet guests. In the morning, we all gather at my house and help my mother prepare a delicious dinner. Mom always says that we will make good housewives. We chat, laugh, and sing songs all the time.

Closer to the guests’ arrival, when everything is ready, we put ourselves in order and put on beautiful outfits. I try to be the most beautiful, to feel like a princess, as in childhood. Mom bakes a big cake every year and decorates it with candles. When I blow out the candles, I sincerely wish myself something, and it will come true. Towards evening we arrange entertainment: we sing songs, play twister, watch comedy films.

Unfortunately, this holiday happens only once a year and people are obliged to love it, make it unique. Not looking at the fact that I am an adult, I am looking forward to my birthday because this is a great occasion to get together with friends and relatives. Delicious food, games, laughter, what else do you need to be happy?

Descriptive Essay Example About A Forest

Students love to describe the places they have visited during their holidays. Students describe places because they seem to be returning there again. When writing your favorite place, you should tell all the details, feelings and explain why you like this place. We have prepared an example of a descriptive essay about the forest:

Each person has a favorite place, being in which he feels comfortable, safe, have the opportunity to relax, and forget about everyday worries and routines. My favorite place is the Daintree rainforest. A forest is a place in which there is always a unique atmosphere.

Daintree is a vast, endless area of ​​rainforest in Australia that grows to the coast of Queensland. Renowned for its stunning beauty and impressive natural diversity, the Daintree Forest is 160 million years old and is one of the world’s oldest preserved rainforests.

It is home to 30 percent of all Australian frogs, reptiles, and marsupial animal species, 65 percent of all Australian bats and butterflies, as well as centuries-old plants. Daintree Most of the Daintree forest is the humid tropics, which is a Queensland World Heritage Site. During my holidays, I explored the area in detail and discovered white sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky mountains, gorges, rivers, and picturesque waterfalls.

No one will disturb you in the forest, and no one will upset you. Being in this forest, I imagine myself as the forest’s queen. I imagine that I can control nature. It gives me so much strength and energy that I have enough for a long time. Inspired by nature, I am ready to perform feats. That is why, for me, the forest is a favorite resting place!

Descriptive Essay Example About War

Emotions, memories are feelings that remain with us forever. If you find it challenging to describe your emotions or memories, you can take an interview with someone willing to share the story. We took an interview from a person who took part in World War II and created an essay:

Reading about the war, I am amazed at what fortitude the American military had – they walked towards a harsh unknown. Mothers, wives with tears in their eyes saw off their men. What lies ahead? Will the soldiers come safe and sound? These questions flashed into the head of more than one woman. My great-grandfather also took part in the Second World War and shared his memories.

My great-grandfather went to the front on December 7, 1941, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and he was 27 years old. He does not like to remember great battles, but he shared some episodes. The most difficult battle was during the Normandy operation. The Germans fired from a machine gun, preventing the passage of the American troops.

One daredevil, a friend of my great-grandfather, crept up to the bunker and closed the view to the Nazis. Then the army ran to the German border to free the prisoners and the remaining territory of France. The first to run was the detachment commander, the door of the fortification suddenly opened, and the German stabbed him with a knife. The combat officer died on the spot. His comrades avenged the commander’s death.

Great-grandfather remembered the commander for the rest of his life, as he was an intelligent and decent person. I was greatly amazed by the soldiers’ heroic deeds: one was not afraid and closed the view to the Nazis. Others, not sparing their lives, rushed into the attack. I think it was the most brutal war of the 20th century.

FAQ About Descriptive Essay

Creating a descriptive essay is always tricky, and you may have questions as you write. We have answered the most popular questions that students face.

What Is an Example of a Descriptive Essay?

In a descriptive essay, you can give examples from your own life. For example, describe memories of when you first visited a museum. You can also describe people and tell about their lives.

How Do You Write a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay includes the following elements: introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you should indicate the main idea of the article and write a thesis statement. In the body, describe an object, place, person and share your impressions. Finally, you can write how this situation, subject, the person affected you.

What Is Descriptive and Example?

To describe means to tell about all the details of an object, place, or person. Examples are stories from your life or a person that will support your thesis.

How Do You Write a Good Introduction for a Descriptive Essay?

When creating an intro, you must grab the reader’s attention. These can be historical facts, statistics, quotes. The introduction should be 2-5 sentences long. In the end, write the thesis, which you confirm in the body.

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