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100+ Psychology Research Topics

June 7, 2021

Psychology is an essential component of a person’s life because it is full of stresses and experiences that shake the nervous system. Many factors affect the human psyche. First of all, it is age because various psychological problems are haunted throughout any person’s life.

Psychology is exciting and not thoroughly studied science. Psychology studies the human subconscious and how the human brain behaves in various situations. Writing research in psychology is very difficult because there are so many mysteries in this science. However, at the same time, writing research is interesting because you can talk about many issues.

The first thing you should do is choose a good theme. Psychology is divided into several branches, so it’s no surprise that you get lost in the stream of ideas. We advise you to consider the interests of the potential audience when searching for a topic. If the public is interested in a topic, they will carefully study all sections of the study.

Below we have compiled a list of the best psychology research topics. However, before you start choosing, you must understand the concept of paper.

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Psychology Research Paper: What Is This?

The psychology research paper is an obligatory type of work written by a student studying this science. This paper consists of the following parts:

  1. Introduction. Here you must briefly substantiate the relevance of the chosen topic, determine the subject and object of research, highlight the goals, objectives, and methods of research, and suggest what conclusions will be as a result of your work. Then clearly formulate your hypothesis. This will be the main idea of ​​your research.
  2. Theoretical part. In this part, you thoroughly describe different approaches to solving the problem, citing the words of the classics of psychology that confirm your thoughts or contradict them and justify research methods to confirm your hypothesis.
  3. Practical or experimental part. Here you describe your experiment and give the results that you got during the study. If the results show that your hypothesis is incorrect, you will have to withstand a barrage of teachers’ questions when defending your work.
  4. Conclusion. Here you need to briefly mention the theoretical foundations for the practical part, introduce a correctly formulated idea of ​​confirming the initial hypothesis, and say a little about further work in this direction. This proposal is essential because you will be able to do the following paper, relying on your previous research.
  5. Literature. Formation of bibliography, references in the text or footnotes, correct placement of punctuation marks in the indications of sources can take a lot of time. Therefore, read the artwork guidelines carefully or use editors to help structure this list.

How To Choose The Best Psychology Research Topics?

The beginning of any research is the choice of a topic. If you can’t immediately identify the topic, use these tips:

  • think about what issues that are discussed in the classroom seem essential to you;
  • refer to disputes and conflicts between different researchers, try to understand other points of view, and find your approach;
  • reflect on topics that grab you in the context of social issues and personal reflections.

Record your thoughts in the simplest possible way – in a notebook or a particular application. The first idea can be very general and can be expressed in one phrase – it is essential to develop the thought further. It is helpful to have an electronic or paper notebook handy during the entire course of work. Our consciousness can throw a thought at any moment. If you don’t write down the idea, you will lose it, and it will be difficult for you to remember what interestingly came to your mind.

Don’t forget your interests. It is okay if the topic of research arouses interest and emotions: love, happiness or misunderstanding, irritation, and anxiety. Such emotions are an invigorating driver that will not allow you to quit what you started and help you go through all the formal, routine, and challenging work stages: placing links, formatting bibliography, searching for sources, correct citation, etc. However, if you’re in a creative crisis, take advantage of our ideas.

The Best Psychology Research Topics 2021

Now that you are familiar with the concept of paper and know how to choose the right topic, you can use our ideas. They are suitable for students of schools, colleges, universities.

Social Topics

  1. What factors can influence the choice of religion?
  2. How can families cope with the loss of a loved one?
  3. What is the role of violence and aggression in the 21st century?
  4. How can people with disabilities fit into modern life?
  5. How is physical disability different from mental disability?
  6. How does depression affect student performance in education?
  7. How do people react to informal student behavior?
  8. How can people learn to expose liars?
  9. Why do people violate the rules of ethics for the sake of their interests?
  10. With the advent of social networks, has it become more comfortable for people to communicate?

Developmental Topics

  1. Why is aggression in educational institutions still developing?
  2. How does the media help prevent the development of domestic violence?
  3. Why do young people suffer from psychopathic behavior?
  4. Why do people stop developing knowledge as soon as they finish their studies?
  5. Why do parents instill in their children violence and cruelty to others?
  6. Why are students who play musical instruments do better on exams?
  7. Can bullying in a family affect a child’s speech development?
  8. Children who eat breakfast are more active in class.
  9. With age, people’s memory deteriorates.
  10. Can health affect the psychological state of people?

Cognitive Psychology Topics

  1. How does autism affect the development of children?
  2. Why do people keep memories?
  3. Memories help develop memory.
  4. Can you learn to think critically?
  5. How can I improve my performance at work or school?
  6. Can lost memory be restored?
  7. What is the role of color in cognitive psychology?
  8. Can other people’s opinions influence your actions?
  9. Children who speak poorly are ridiculed.
  10. Can ADHD affect health, development, decline weight, and growth?

Forensic Psychology Topics

  1. Why are teenagers prone to murder?
  2. Serial killers suffer from psychological illnesses.
  3. Why is the number of murders increasing every year?
  4. What are the differences between forensic psychology and clinical psychology?
  5. Can forensic psychology use video to treat patients?
  6. Why do terrorist attacks occur in all countries?
  7. Why is the United States the country that takes the lead in mass murder?
  8. Should the police monitor the behavior of people on social media?
  9. Parents need to educate their children better to prevent attempted murder.
  10. Are the sick in prisons well treated?

Health Topics

  1. Are there psychological methods that allow you to monitor nutrition and exercise?
  2. Can models suffer from eating disorders to be thin?
  3. Can psychologists help children cope with the loss of their parents?
  4. Why do people always worry about something? Does it affect your health?
  5. What psychological strategies should smokers take to combat addiction?
  6. Why do people suffer from depression with the change of weather?
  7. How can people with cancer deal with stress?
  8. Why should people with mood disorders learn to discipline?
  9. Can chronic illness be treated with meditation And yoga?
  10. How to improve the psychological state of people with AIDS?

History Topics

  1. How did psychology begin? Who was the initiator?
  2. What are Freud’s psychological theories?
  3. Is there a connection between psychology and mythology?
  4. How did mental illness arise? Did people fight them in the past?
  5. How did psychology develop?
  6. What does the psychological age of a person mean, and can it be measured?
  7. What psychological methods did people use to combat quackery?
  8. Is there a difference between psychology and psychiatry?
  9. Is gestalt psychology a success or a failure?
  10. Why are people interested in learning about psychology?

Experimental Psychology Topics

  1. Why do people doubt the results of psychological testing?
  2. Why is it better to use qualitative research than quantitative research in psychology?
  3. What is the concept of Mood Freezing, and what are its implications?
  4. What statistical techniques should be used in psychology?
  5. Why does poor sleep reduce brain performance?
  6. What methods should be used in psychological research?
  7. Why are women better at remembering information?
  8. How does experimentation help psychology develop?
  9. Does imagination help the brain function better?
  10. Music preferences speak of a person’s character.

Clinical Psychology Topics

  1. What is the position of therapists in the healthcare system?
  2. Why do men suffer from anxiety disorders?
  3. If a child suffers from psychological illnesses, should the family go through therapy with him?
  4. What is the difference between mood disorders and mental disorders?
  5. What factors influence the development of psychological diseases?
  6. Can a chronic illness be controlled with psychological therapy?
  7. Do antidepressants help fight psychological illness?
  8. Relationships in which you are humiliated can cause psychological illness.
  9. What diseases does insomnia cause?
  10. Cognitive therapy is excellent for treating anxiety disorders.

Applied Psychology Topics

  1. What factors influence the development of applied psychology?
  2. What is the concept of environmental psychology?
  3. How should employees in management behave?
  4. Can society influence the psychological priorities of people?
  5. What is the relationship between law and psychology?
  6. Did people immediately accept such science as psychology?
  7. What is the place of psychology in the military?
  8. What is the concept of applied behavior analysis?
  9. What are the treatment options for offenders with a psychological disorder?
  10. What are the consequences of school violence?

Sport Psychology Topics

  1. Why do we need psychology in sports?
  2. What problems do novice trainers face?
  3. What is the meaning of team chemistry?
  4. Has sports psychology been able to achieve a breakthrough over the past twenty years?
  5. Should athletes control aggression?
  6. What morals should a team coach adhere to?
  7. What role does the coach play in developing an athlete’s success?
  8. How can the enemy deal with command pressure?
  9. Can good behavior make an athlete successful and strong?
  10. Football players need to have not only physical strength but also intelligence.

Topics About Dreams

  1. Why are dreams closely related to the soul?
  2. Can dreams broadcast to a person about future events?
  3. Can dreams reveal the secret feelings of a person?
  4. How are childhood dreams different from adult dreams?
  5. Can dreams come true?
  6. Can dreams affect people’s actions?
  7. Can you see your relatives in dreams?
  8. Why do people need to dream?
  9. Why are dreams good for everyone?
  10. Are men’s dreams scarier?

Topics About Depression

  1. What are the main causes of depression in adolescents?
  2. Are there methods of dealing with depression?
  3. Can depression be considered a psychological illness?
  4. Can latent depression be detected?
  5. What are the types of depression?
  6. Can teachers help a student deal with depression?
  7. Can the government help people fight depression?
  8. What are the signs that a person is suffering from depression?
  9. Can parental inattention cause depression in children?
  10. Can difficulty with money cause depression?

Topics About Autism

  1. Society treats people with autism badly.
  2. Why do scientists call the autism spectrum?
  3. How does autism arise, and what are its symptoms?
  4. What skills can a person with autism learn?
  5. Are there benefits for people with autism?
  6. What difficulties do people with autism face?
  7. Can autism be diagnosed early?
  8. What are educational programs available for people with autism?
  9. How do people with autism behave at home and in the community?
  10. How does music affect the behavior of people with autism?

FAQ About Psychology Research

It’s hard to create psychology research. The design process, the choice of topic, and psychology to write about cause the most questions. The questions are repeated every year, and we decided to answer them.

What are some good research topics?

It would help if you chose the topic depending on your interests, science goals, and the teacher’s requirements. However, among students, the following topics are popular:

  1. What is the connection between psychology and depression?
  2. Can phobias cause the development of psychological illnesses?
  3. Why do children most often suffer from psychological diseases?
  4. Why are terrorists psychologically sick people?
  5. Isolation from society can cause psychological distress.

What are some current issues in psychology?

The main problems of psychology are:

  • the emergence and development of the psyche;
  • human consciousness as the highest form of the psyche; 
  • the conditioning of the human psyche by biological and socio-historical factors;
  • neurophysiological foundations of mental activity;
  • the structure of the human psyche.

What are some research topics in social psychology?

Social psychology is a subspecies of general science. If you want to research this direction, you can speculate on the following topics:

  1. Mutual understanding as a phenomenon of interpersonal relations.
  2. What is the relationship between personal egocentrism and the socio-psychological adaptation of adolescents?
  3. Intercultural sensitivity of students in a multi-ethnic environment.

What are the 6 fields of psychology?

Psychology is divided into six main areas:

  • social psychology;
  • legal psychology;
  • medical psychology;
  • pedagogical psychology;
  • sports psychology;
  • political psychology.

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