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Essay on Medical Assistants

May 28, 2020

Medical assistant essays are works that concern every aspect of the lives of medical assistants. So before writing an assistant essay, students need to explore what medical assistant does, what skills and knowledge medical assistants should have, and what it takes to get a career as a medical specialist.

Medical assistants conduct routine tasks in the medical field. This includes making injections and procedures, recording information, taking care of medical instruments, providing first aid, acting as a physical therapist assistant, and much more.

Basically, medical assisting is the heart of any health care system and without medical assistants, doctors wouldn’t be able to perform any administrative and clinical duties. Below we’ll tell what a medical assistant is expected to do, what resources are required for medical assisting, and how to be the best physician assistant. With this short overview, you’ll know everything about medical assisting to write a great research paper!

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The duties of medical assistants addressable in medical assistant essays

The medical assistant is a health care specialist, who has a wide range of duties. We have made a list of them to let you understand what to write in a medical assisting research paper. Medical assistants working in healthcare facilities have the following responsibilities:

  • medical assistant answers phone calls;
  • medical assistant welcomes patients;
  • medical assistant fills patient’s records and updates them;
  • medical assistant schedules appointments;
  • medical assistant handles health care correspondence;
  • medical assistant arranges laboratory medical services.

Additional medical assisting duties that you can indicate in an assistant essay include:

  • medical assistants record symptoms and signs;
  • medical assistants prepare patients for tests;
  • medical assistants help doctors during the examination;
  • medical assistants facilitate communication between different parties;
  • medical assistants inform patients about nutrition and pills;
  • assistants explore the latest researches and information on medical assisting and health care as a whole. 

When writing an assistant essay don’t forget to consult different governmental sources and laws because healthcare facilities provide medical services differently depending on the state and country.

What are the qualifications of clinical assistants?

Any medical assistant should have a clear set of skills and knowledge to be able to perform quality medical assisting. They include:

  • medical assistant should have a high school diploma and graduation in a health care major;
  • medical assistant should take a course or specific test for particular tasks (for example, performing x-rays);
  • medical assistant must pass the national examination;
  • medical assistant should have formal training experience;
  • medical assistant should be qualified for additional fields like medical technology, nursing, etc.

When writing a medical assisting research paper, you need to understand what this occupation is about. The best option is to talk to medical assistants in person or online.

Resources for medical assistant students

Medical assistant programs and classes are rather demanding. It is impossible to go to Wikipedia, read an article about medical assistants and decide to enter the medical field. For many years medical assisting students to learn everything about health care, first aid, medical instruments, and other administrative and clinical aspects of the field.

Thus, the resources for a medical assistant should be modern, relevant, and reliable. When studying medicine or starting a career as a medical assistant, students should use only credible resources: scholarly books, articles, publications, and materials from the class. Any medical assistant should first double-check facts and evidence, and only then apply obtained information.

Only then it is possible to become a physical therapist assistant with solid knowledge. Medical assisting is not the easiest field but it’s surely worth it!

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