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How to Write an Abortion Essay Introduction?

March 31, 2020

One of the topics most discussed today is the attitude toward abortion. People are divided into two types. Some are categorically against abortion. Others consider this a choice of every woman. Television programs and news publications do not stop publishing articles on abortion. Due to its popularity, this topic has become a must-have for essays and research papers. Teachers want to see if you can analyze the subject and argue their opinion.

The most suitable type of paper for discussing unplanned pregnancies is an argumentative essay. It tests debating and structuring information skills. You have to express your point of view and argue it with credible sources. Your task is to build a solid defense of your position to earn the trust of your audience. However, first things first.

You should start with an essay introduction. This is an introduction that determines whether a person will continue to read. Abortion essay introduction deserves your attention. Since everyone has a different opinion about abortion, this should not be intrusive. Invariably, you must come up with a strong thesis and a hook. Let’s look at how to make the introduction attractive.

Abortion Essay Introduction

Imagine performing on stage with a motivational speech. To establish a connection with the audience, you must introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself. As for the abortion essay, it is extremely important to say what you feel concerning the topic. You should not start the essay introduction aggressively, because it will push readers away. Even if you are confident in yourself and your opinion, take it slow to help the reader feel comfortable.

Abortion should be legal. This is an example of the essay’s title. Do not immediately present the topic. Start with general principles, your views on the human body, the right choice, and unplanned pregnancies. However, be honest: you should not write about what you do not feel and what you are not interested in. Moreover, an argumentative essay allows you to compare different points of view, without taking any side.

Use essay introduction to reach as many readers as possible. Perhaps your ideas will be strange for a person, but his sincerity and honesty will attract him. Pick innovative and credible information to provide the reader with new material. Also, remember that your research may change during the research process. In any case, tell about the path to creating an abortion essay.

Create an Abortion Essay Step by Step

The right structure is already half the success. This can be compared to a smooth descent from the mountain. If you ride a sled, then each hump can cause a fall. That is why the correct sequence in the essay is critical. This allows the reader to understand your ideas and track their progress. If the structure is illogical, this may confuse the reader.

We recommend writing thoughts and ideas in a draft. As a rule, at first, the paper looks chaotic, and your task is to sort the pieces of information. Start with easy, non-intrusive information. Then move on to the argument: present the evidence obtained in the research process. In conclusion, you should summarize the arguments, restate the thesis and share your ideas for the future of the topic.

Let’s start with the abortion essay introduction. Look at the structure:

  1. Greetings. Tell us your name and why you decided to prepare an abortion essay.
  2. A proper topic. Tell us why you chose this topic, what inspired you. Perhaps you were inspired by the movie or heard your parents argue.
  3. Your opinion. Tell me how you feel about the subject matter. State your initial ideas. If they changed during the research process, identify the reasons.
  4. Thesis statement. These are one or two sentences that describe the key message of an abortion essay. Using arguments, you will confirm the thesis.
  5. A hook. This is an additional element that helps to attract the attention of readers. Complete the essay introduction with a rhetorical question, a quote or a well-known fact.

The right structure benefits both you and the reader. This helps to develop the idea and find the arguments. What should you discuss in the introduction?


Tell a little about yourself. Imagine you are meeting a person. Tell me what your name is, what you do and what your interests are. Do not share secrets or talk about your family. It doesn’t look appropriate. Be easy and positive. This will make a great start to the conversation.

Introduce the topic

This is where you present the theme of the abortion essay. So far you do not need to tell what influenced the choice. You can tell how you feel about the topic. Perhaps she conveys your mood at that moment.

Why did you choose that topic?

Tell us what preceded the choice of this particular topic. Describe the following items:

  • What inspired you to discuss;
  • What factors influenced the choice of topic;
  • Did you change the name of the topic in the research process;
  • How does the topic borders with your personal life?

What is your opinion and ideas?

What do you feel about that abortion essay topic? What ideas come to your mind? Do an excerpt from the paper. Imagine you are compiling a trial version for your product. It is free but should be of interest to the consumer. You must do the same: make the audience want to continue. Express your ideas and think about whether they can be useful to the reader.

Make a thesis statement

For an introduction essay, a thesis is a critical element. You should make a strong statement, stress it to convince readers. The thesis should be concise and clear, without terms and complex phrases. Imagine this is an ad phrase. Marketers do everything that the phrase is remembered and people repeated it at every opportunity, even as a joke. In fact, it really works and boosts sales. A separate type of advertising that sits deep in the head is called viral.

To put it another way, the reader should keep your thesis in mind. Think about the phrases that keep you tense. This is often used in films or series. In songs, a thesis can be considered a chorus or a line that is often repeated. In poetry, this is a refrain that people immediately remember, and even consider it the name of the work.

Just remember that the thesis statement should be concise and vibrant. Use brainstorming to find a few suitable sentences. Then ask friends or classmates which thesis sounds best. A glance from the side is never superfluous.

Useful Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Abortion Essay

Now you understand the abortion essay structure and you can use it properly. Of course, in the beginning, you will have some doubts and small troubles. Moreover, following the structure, students forget about the emotional filling of the paper. Wanna strengthen your abortion essay?

  1. Do not complicate. The topic of abortion is complex and controversial, and too many terms will make the essay unreadable;
  2. carefully revise your introduction essay. Take your time to come up with a bright thesis statement;
  3. be flexible; it is okay if you change the opinion throughout the research;
  4. make the audience feel comfortable; do not insist on your opinion, emphasize that this is only one of a thousand points of view. Add rhetorical questions to make the reader accept their position.

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