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How To Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper: Easy Tips For Students

March 10, 2021

The conclusion is a crucial part of every writing. Although it is the end of the paper, it still plays a huge role in the whole text. You can’t underestimate the importance of a good conclusion section.

Unfortunately, many students don’t think working on a conclusion is worth it. But the way you finish your papers can change the whole text. Let’s see how to write a good conclusion and finish the task properly.

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How to Work on a Conclusion Paragraph: Easy Tips for Beginners

Before we start discussing the structure and importance of the last paragraph in the text, let’s look at some obvious tips.

The introduction should guide you when you write the last words of your paper. If you don’t know how to start the last section, look at the beginning. Restate the introductory part. It will serve you as the beginning of the conclusion.

What should you do with long papers? You need to look through the whole text and work separately on each section. The conclusion is a review of the whole paper. Therefore, your task is to summarize each section. If it is hard for you to overview the text as a whole, separate it.

Don’t finish your thoughts. It may sound weird. But let’s explain. When writing a text, you should answer basic questions for the readers. But don’t you want to make your paper a bit interesting? Professional writers resort to a useful tip. You need to leave some questions unanswered. The food for thought will make the reader intrigued.

If you start writing a conclusion using these tips, you will find it easier to manage the task.

What Is a Nice Example of the Conclusive Paragraph?

Are you a beginner in writing? You may have some experience in writing the texts for college tasks. But you may still ask questions about how a good conclusion should look like. The following points will let you know what a good example is:

  • The final thoughts are the last finishing touch to your essay;
  • You leave it to the reader;
  • By writing a sound paragraph, you let the reader understand your proficient approach to the text;
  • A well-organized conclusion will prove you have worked on the thesis well;
  • The reader will put all the things together and draw proper conclusions if you develop a good closing statement.

How can you manage with a good example of a conclusion? You shouldn’t ask this question. The above-mentioned tips will guide you through writing.

Conclusion Structure: What to Include in the Last Paragraph

When you start writing a conclusion, you need an outline. To be true, the last few paragraphs of the text are the most challenging. You need to prepare for them to make them sound good. How can you do this? The only answer is writing an outline beforehand.

The outline is a plan for the writing. It is the structure for the paragraph. Let’s discuss a basic structure for a research paper conclusion.


In most cases, a conclusion repeats the same structure as the whole paper. First of all, you should look at the introduction.

What was your main idea? What statements did you present at the beginning of the paper? This information should be restated in the final paragraph. You can’t copy a thesis. Your task is to bring the reader a better understanding of a thesis.

Use the same idea, but choose more convincing means of speech. This should serve as a good start for the closing section.

Main Part

In the main part of the conclusion, you should present the major arguments used in the text. Your task is to overview the whole paper and draw conclusions accordingly to the text parts. If you have 3 sections in the main body, you need to overview each of them briefly.

Remember that using new information and presenting fresh ideas in the last paragraph is a mistake. You can’t bring any new facts at the end. A good writer will look through the text and draw attention to the major ideas represented in the paper.

The Last Words

This part depends on the type of task, the audience, and the main purpose of the text. Some students simply leave one or two closing sentences. Others put a call to action to make the readers think about the issues.

How to Start a Conclusion: Basic Words

The structure is now clear for us. But what are the other aspects of good conclusion writing? There are specific indicators that every writer should include in the text. These are introductory words. They help the audience understand that the text comes to an end. And it is time to conclude.

There are lots of examples. Your task is to choose the best ones that fit your topic. You can’t overuse them. But make sure to insert at least some of the figures to make your conclusion look properly:

  • In a word, in conclusion, on the whole.
  • To conclude, thus, to sum up.
  • Finally, in sum, briefly.

These are examples of transition words. They are important to make the text flow better. By using transitions, you can make the reading smoother. The ideas will be combined better, too. So, don’t forget about the transitive words. There are lots of them. Try to find creative ways to conclude the paper.

Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Many students make these mistakes. There’s no reason for you to mention the following information in the text. Your conclusion should be written to the point.

Don’t overuse transitions. You need to include some of them to indicate the end of the paper. But using them in every sentence would be a mistake. Look for the new options. There are extremely used examples that sound dull. If you want your paper to sound fresh, look for appropriate transitive words.

Restate the thesis with different words. Students can copy the thesis statement. But it doesn’t work this way. Your task is to find relevant words to paraphrase the introductory statement.

Don’t be emotional at the end of the paper. You will sound weird if you appeal to your emotions in the research paper. It is better to use factual information and include facts. Using this data will make your paper sound professional.

Let’s Conclude

Working on the conclusion is necessary if you want the text to be well-written. There are several aspects that you should remember. The structure of the conclusion matters a lot, too. Look through the text, read our tips, and manage the writing perfectly.

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