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70+ Communication Research Topics That Will Surprise Your Reader

June 7, 2021

Experimenters in their communication research often address problematic everyday life issues to help people find answers to essential questions. In the modern world, every year, new technologies for communication appear, and not everyone can understand them. For example, before, only the media informed people about changes in the weather, politics, fashion, etc. However, social media now also broadcasts information. People who are far from each other can easily communicate – all you need is a smart gadget. Consequently, researchers have a lot to talk about. But, if you have a creative crisis, we are ready to help with ideas.

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Social Media Topics

Social media is the largest area and includes many topics. If you want an easy, simple idea, talk about social media. We offer you the following topics:

  1. Do people feel safe using social media?
  2. Why did social networks supplant television, radio and began to broadcast information?
  3. Are there social media crimes? Give an example.
  4. Why does social media allow marketers to grow better?
  5. Do social issues affect employee productivity?
  6. Do you need to fight false information that is published by social networks? How to distinguish false from true information?
  7. With the advent of WhatsApp, Viber, Zuma, communication has become more comfortable.
  8. Why is social media bad for student performance in an educational institution?
  9. It is possible to steal personal data through social media. Why doesn’t the government protect people?
  10. Why do people create a fake account?
  11. Has social media helped online businesses grow?
  12. With the advent of social media, the world has become violent, and people are breaking the rules of ethics.
  13. Why do teens get social media depression?
  14. The social media feed is updated every second. Is this helpful to readers?
  15. Who should control the behavior of people on social networks?

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Interpersonal research deals with topics that relate to communication between two or more people. Among the popular interpersonal topics, we have highlighted the following:

  1. What are the difficulties for linguistic and verbal communication?
  2. Why should people switch to nonverbal communication?
  3. What factors influence interpersonal communication?
  4. Why is information obtained during interpersonal communication better remembered?
  5. Why should every person learn to listen to their interlocutor?
  6. What role do emotions play during communication? Should people show emotion?
  7. What does self-discourse mean in interpersonal communication?
  8. Why is communication the key to building strong relationships?
  9. Family and intimate relationships are two identical concepts, or do they have different meanings?
  10. How to see deception in interpersonal communication?
  11. Can issues arise due to interpersonal communication?
  12. What ethical rules should people adhere to during interpersonal communication?
  13. Does a person communicate in the same way in society and at home?
  14. What can a language style say about a person’s culture?
  15. Why interpersonal communication helps blind people better understand the world around them?

Mass Communication Topics

Mass communication is the process of disseminating information using technical means to a large audience. It is exciting to write research on mass communication. In this direction, we can highlight the following topics:

  1. What is the position of the mass media in the rebranding?
  2. What problems do the media face in different countries?
  3. Can mass media and democracy exist as one whole?
  4. What constitutional provisions should people working in the mass media adhere to? Are they breaking laws?
  5. How do people relate to the information disseminated by the mass media?
  6. Why does the mass media say little about politicians? Do politicians influence the mass media?
  7. Are the presenters telling the truth on air?
  8. Is the era when mass media influences people over?
  9. How are mass media social networks interconnected?
  10. Why do informational websites violate communication ethics on the Internet?
  11. What punishment awaits a journalist for disseminating false information?
  12. Why are the mass media competing for viewers’ attention? Is it money, or are people important to them?
  13. Does mass media support or violate existing laws on non-disclosure of confidential information?
  14. Who do people listen to more: the mass media or politicians?
  15. To what extent do phone-in programs help the mass media?

Business Communication Topics

If you are a business college and university students, you can use our ideas to write your research:

  1. What mistakes do people make in organizational communication?
  2. How to organize a conference so that people can hear you and not fall asleep?
  3. How can communication help businesses in crises?
  4. What are the rules for corporate communication?
  5. Why should people train their business communication skills?
  6. How should people behave during business communication?
  7. Is it worth attending communication webinars for the sake of business development?
  8. How to write business letters for a person to answer?
  9. How to overcome your fear of business communication?
  10. Why should business owners train employees in business ethics?
  11. How to achieve agreement in intercultural communication?
  12. Should business communication be present in the workplace?
  13. How to build business communication so as not to show assertiveness?
  14. Schoolchildren should study business communication.
  15. How to write a resume so that you are thought of as an ideal employee?

Development Communication Topics

If you are interested in the development in any area of ​​communication, you can speculate on the following topics:

  1. Can the masses of copper help people develop their thoughts and fight the fear of what others will think?
  2. Did the articles on coronavirus help you quickly identify the symptoms of the disease?
  3. How did the media help stop the development of malaria?
  4. How has mass media helped reduce HIV / AIDS infection among young people?
  5. How did the press help people learn about the labial effect of drugs?
  6. The media urges girls not to have abortions. Did it help?
  7. Are TV shows that help young families overcome difficulties effectively, or is it for PR?
  8. Is there a future for print installations, or have people completely switched to social networking?
  9. How did radio help cut down on the rallies?
  10. Why do the mass media of copper advertise contraceptives?
  11. How has the media helped prevent the spread of the Ebola virus?
  12. Why is a cartoon terrible for the emotional development of children?
  13. Can mass media increase business income?
  14. Why is the mass of copper encouraging people to take care of their loved ones? Does it help?
  15. Do biographical films really convey a person’s life?

FAQ About Communication Research

It is not always easy to create communication research and choose a topic. Therefore, questions arise in the students. We have answered the most popular ones.

What Are Some Communication Topics?

For communication research, students most often choose media, education, business, culture, and religious topics. Therefore, you can search for current news in these areas and be inspired to write a paper.

What Are the Areas of Communication Research?

You can choose those areas that fit perfectly with your subject. For example, if you need to write communication research for economics or management, you can select a topic about business communication—similarly, select topics in other sciences.

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