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Crafting A Really Good Thematic Essay Is Very Simple

April 13, 2021

Each student gets an assignment of writing a thematic essay designated to check on how a student understands a certain topic. Careful and comprehensive research is required here, accompanied by independent judgments on the subject. This is a basic approach to follow. Do you have any difficulties on how to write a thematic essay? We have a lot of things to consider for you and also tips and tested writing approaches. So, shall we start exploring this matter?

What Is a Thematic Essay?

A thematic essay is a sample of writing that can be assigned to various disciplines and subjects. This may be, for instance, a historical event or a piece of literature work. An essay may be assigned as a separate task or as a part of an exam. In most cases, you are limited in time for completing it and should organize yourself and your writing effort well.

To make a brief overview of a thematic essay, we can say that it is a piece of writing aimed at making comprehensive research, analysis, and writing an overview on a matter. This writing paper will enable your teacher or professor to determine whether you have formed an understanding of a matter and what are your own judgments in this regard.

This can be done by developing sufficient arguments and supporting such with the pieces of relevant evidence. To make it workable, this paper needs to be well-structured and easy to read. We will tell you how to do this step-by-step.

Selecting and Exploring the Central Theme

Sometimes you may not be assigned a specific theme to write. From one side, you are not restricted at all and have more freedom in developing your own suggestions and topic. On the other side, you may experience difficulties with that. We can share with you the first point to consider. You should emphasize one aspect only. Make sure you narrow your topic maximally. It should not sound too broad. 

Devote maximum attention to the suggested benefit your writing could bring to future readers. Sometimes it is not enough to formulate a comprehensive understanding of the matter. You also need to make sure you derive sufficient conclusions that can benefit the reader. For instance, if you write about the impact of global warming, you may also address certain things that each person can do to contribute to decreasing its negative impact.

While analyzing any topic, you should remain focused. Always pay attention to even minor details of your writing to make it comprehensive and to the point. 


As we said before, a thematic essay is a sample of writing that shows your understanding of a certain topic or matter. So, to form such, you obviously need to investigate that comprehensively. How to do that?

First of all, you need to select all sources. What sources can we call credible? These are ones based on the official data and documents, originated from official state or similar authorities, written by reputable authors, etc. We suggest you select such sources in the first turn to form a comprehensive understanding of the matter you are going to write about. 

You may also select data that suits to be good pieces of evidence. This is always good for writing a thematic essay. Of course, this is not very possible during your exam, for instance. But, in all other cases, that can be suitable. 

We suggest you not only read those selected sources. Make notes from that to see the most important points you need to consider. This way, you will form a clear picture of the investigated topic. This will also be your base for making a future outline for your thematic essay. Try to reassure how effective this means. You may even come to another conclusion than when you are reading certain materials only. 

While investigating any sources, think independently. You may later take a ready-made review to inspire yourself or add an extra point to consider and compare with your own. Still, you always rely on your own opinion on the subject and develop arguments supporting that. In any case, such arguments should be supported with the relevant pieces of evidence you find appropriate to the topic.

Making an Outline for Your Essay 

If you want to make a really good sample of a thematic essay, you need to craft an outline for it first. Even if you have a more or less clear or very clear understanding of a matter, you still need to plan your writing effectively. This is crucial for not risking getting a poorly-written essay in the outcome. How to do this well?

First of all, you should formulate your opinion on the matter. Write down this opinion. It will serve as your thesis statement in the future. Write down all ideas that come to your mind also. You need to be clear about that also. An outline is a tool enabling you to see and make parallels between different points of view, identifying the most suitable places for arguments and pieces of evidence. For greater convenience, you can make a chart of all those things. This scheme will help you in identifying the organization of all ideas you want to express in your writing paper. 

We suggest you take a couple of attempts while writing an outline. This will help you reorganize your thoughts in a more effective manner. Making short rests is always required between such writing attempts as your fresh view matters a lot here. This is relevant when you have enough time, of course. Still, in certain cases, applying this approach is necessary for developing your skill of making outlines effectively. 

The major point signifying that your outline is made well is that it reflects the essence of a topic, a comprehensive and coherent evaluation of such. A traditional approach to writing a thematic essay includes writing an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion for an essay. Make sure you include at least three paragraphs into the main part of your essay. Each paragraph should be devoted to one single idea only. 

When you structure each separate paragraph, you need to see the main arguments you want to include, where and how to place the main statement of a certain paragraph. There are several possible approaches here. You may do this at the beginning of each paragraph and expand it further by placing your explanation, arguments, and pieces of evidence. Another approach is to place your description first, arguments, and make a summary later, closer to the end of each paragraph. Make sure about suitable transitions between paragraphs also. 

While making this outline, you should also emphasize and shortlist all applicable formatting requirements. You need to be careful about following all that later. This approach will ensure you do that maximally and as it should be, without missing any important details.

Emphasizing Your Thesis Statement 

This is a major point we want to provide you with more detailed guidance on how to write it. This is the main point of your analysis. Actually, it indicates whether you have grasped the essence of a topic or not, what your opinion is, and how grounded it is. You need to draft it in a maximally concise and brief manner.

Make sure you have understood the main point of such matters for yourself first. Ensure you reflect your own personal opinion, for that matter. Prefer strong words in this case and less number of words too. If you can express the same meaning with fewer amounts of words – surely do this. 

Remember that you can correct this thesis statement during the process of writing and do the same with the rest of the supplementary statements if this is necessary. Make sure your thesis statement is clearly visible and noticeable in a future text. We will tell you how to make this text better and include your thesis statement there also.

Let’s Start Writing It

After you have created an outline, you should start your writing and rely on your preliminary created plan. You may amend such during writing if you see certain points to improve. But, we suggest you never neglect it as that is a reliable base for your future written paper.

Making a Good Introduction 

What are the most important things in each introduction? The foremost thing is making your future readers interested. How to make this? If you have enough time and opportunity to choose a good quote or phrase, you should do this. If you have got this assignment during your exam, you simply need to ask a good question. A rhetorical question may appear as a very suitable means for starting your thematic essay. Alternatively, you may place some controversial disputable statement. Try to think from your future reader’s perspective. 

Apart from making your future readers interested, an introduction should also help you in presenting your own opinion on the matter. This will be your thesis statement. How to form it, you may ask? That is a simple thing to do. If you have formed your understanding of the matter, you only need to describe such concisely. Keep this statement brief. If you can express the same point with fewer words – surely do this. Make sure you pick strong words for that. Another thing you should do Is checking whether your voice sounds confident.

An extra thing you need to do while making your introduction is placing a smooth transition to the main part of your thematic essay. This transition statement has to ensure your text is flowing enough.  

Making the Main Body Well-Organized

The main body of your thematic essay should comprise three paragraphs at least. Rely on this aspect of your outline. Make sure you place supplementary statements in a logical manner. They should support each other without any contradictions. These supplementary statements and text that expands them should align with an initial thesis statement.

You can place more than three paragraphs. If your topic requires 4-5 supplementary statements to be expanded well and the same amount of paragraphs, you should do this. In this case, the only thing you need to do is devoting one paragraph to one supplementary statement only. 

Each paragraph you have, you can organize in different ways. You may place your supplementary statement first. Then put your explanation, extra pieces of evidence, or similar things you find relevant. Complete a paragraph with a transition statement to the next paragraph.

You may also write a paragraph in a different way. Put your explanation first, add extra pieces of evidence there and sum up with your supplementary statement. The next one should be a transition statement to the next paragraph.

Finishing with a Good Conclusion

If you want to make a good thematic essay, you need to summarize that. This will be in your conclusion. It has a similar purpose as your introduction. It should interest your reader and leave a good impression. You should express the initial thesis statement in a manner enabling you to reaffirm that your point of view is correct and proved.

You may also place a good hook in this part of your essay. So, remember your conclusion should serve as a summary of all previously stated content and make your readers interested or even impressed. That is a matter of creativity. But, we still suggest you be moderate in this case.

Editing and Polishing Your Essay

When you have the ready draft and enough time, we suggest setting it aside for some time. It is necessary to look at it with your fresh view and revise certain parts of your content to make them much better. Good editing is hardly possible without condensing similar statements and removing the excessive ones. You may use various editing tools for that. These online tools are suitable for identifying weak points in your text.

Polishing is the final part of your writing work. You need to reassure that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct. Each word you use should have the exact meaning to express each statement in your thematic essay. If you have doubts, look through dictionaries.

In the outcome, you should get a flowing text that expands your thematic essay’s main topic smoothly. This is the main goal of your thematic essay writing. 

Thematic Essay Writing Checklist

To make your writing more productive, we have formed a short checklist to take and use during your writing. Here are the main suggestions to consider.


  • Select reliable sources only
  • Form a comprehensive understanding of a topic
  • Make your thesis statement clear and to the point
  • Outline your future thematic essay first
  • Write concisely 
  • Move from one point to another smoothly
  • Pick strong words
  • Sound confidently through your text
  • Check grammar and spelling of your text


  • Don’t write in an overwording manner
  • Don’t neglect to make an outline for your essay
  • Don’t indicate controversial supplementary statements
  • Don’t include any kind of new information in your conclusion
  • Don’t neglect to do editing and polishing

Topics for Thematic Essays

If you have already grasped the main tips on how to write a thematic essay, we have good ideas about topics you may practice with. These ideas may help you if you don’t know what topic to choose at the moment. 


  • What impact does colonization have on global history?
  • What causes migration?
  • The relation between local culture and global cultural development
  • The most widespread political system
  • How conflicts change the running of history?
  • Revolution as a turning point in local history
  • Human rights concept and its impact on global development
  • Technological development and progress
  • Recent scientific development that had a greater impact on the world
  • Things that currently impact global warming


  • What is the main purpose of any religion?
  • How do people choose their religion?
  • Judaism as the first monotheism religion
  • What is a personal belief system, and what value does it have?
  • What benefits does Christianity have?
  • What benefits does Islam have?
  • What is the latest new religion?

Science and Technologies

  • Recent scientific development that has changed the world
  • Manufacturing technology developments
  • Effective data storage
  • Cybersecurity issues handling
  • Web design and its role in technological progress
  • Current trends in data visualization
  • Using alternative fuels


  • The most effective strategy for raising a starting capital
  • A cost-effective approach to launching a business
  • Management of human resources
  • Ensuring higher social standards for employees
  • How to make a business grow?
  • Ways for arranging a better document management
  • How to select and hire better employees?

Final Words

Writing a thematic essay is a good chance to gain and enhance your skill of forming a comprehensive understanding of the matter and writing concisely. You need to select the right sources, form your thesis statements explicitly, and expand them further. In any case, you should remember that a thematic essay always operates with concrete facts and pieces of evidence. So, you should emphasize that while making your sample.

That may be an interesting writing experience. But, if exactly now you lack time, inspiration, knowledge, or effort for writing such on your own, you may always refer to professional writers for assistance.

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