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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

April 8, 2020

Criminal law students regularly write essays and research papers on the topic of criminal justice. Whether you are one of them or just keen on criminal justice, it is important to choose a suitable topic for a paper. The field of criminal offenses is constantly discussed, and the courts work to ensure criminal justice. Each criminal law student studies this subject, so he must create a research paper. However, where to find inspiration and how to choose a proper topic?

In this article, we have compiled a complete guide to a research paper writing on criminal justice. This includes not only cool justice research paper topics but also the features of each type of paper. Each paper writing requires critical thinking skills, especially about the subject of criminal law. However, it is not perfect to know the criminal justice system. You must follow the correct structure and add critical elements such as the thesis statement.

Thanks to our writing service, you can learn this type of academic writing with one article. Let’s see how to work with criminal justice research paper writing.

What is criminal justice?

First things first. Before you start paper writing, you have to learn the criminal law subject deeply. Criminal justice is a set of actions that apply to a person who has committed a criminal offense. The criminal justice system is a set of organizations and institutions that regulate punishment and actions regarding criminals. Employees of such institutions, in particular lawyers and judges, must adhere to criminal justice ethics.

The topic of criminal justice is much larger than it seems at first glance. You need to know all types of crime and ways of punishment. Despite a bunch of sections, it is hard to come up with a bright topic on criminal justice. Some justice research paper topics are too boring, while others you are not good at. How to find the very topic that will be both interesting for you and sound cool?

Coming up with a topic consists of several stages.

  1. You should compose a list of interests in criminal justice and use brainstorming.
  2. Then, compare your knowledge base on each item on the list.
  3. Identify the target audience and its interests. Make a portrait of the criminal justice average reader. It consists of age, level of knowledge, profession or specialization;
  4. Write down your ideas for the skeleton of the criminal justice paper. Pick up a few arguments and evidence from credible sources;
  5. Select the most appropriate criminal justice topic.

To put it another way, you can choose a suitable criminal justice topic using the exception method. In the end, you still leave one that suits your requirements. However, if you run out of strength and inspiration, look at the following justice research paper topics.

Research topics in the criminal justice system

We have compiled a list of nice justice research paper topics. This applies to human rights, racial profiling, capital punishment and judicial system in general. Remember there is no need to copy a criminal justice topic – we just want you to catch the inspiration. Look through the following criminal justice examples to understand, what justice research paper topics are supposed to be great.

Basic criminal justice

  • Racial profiling crimes
  • How the criminal justice system has changed since independence in America
  • How does law enforcement contribute to litigation?
  • What is criminal justice ethics and why is it important?
  • Where does the brutal violation of human rights begin?
  • What criminal offenses are capital punishment for?
  • Sexual harassment in college or at work
  • How is juvenile delinquency punished?
  • Human rights at arrest
  • Law enforcement brutality: how to prove it
  • Robbery or damage to property
  • Kidnapping: In which countries is this most common
  • Criminal justice regulation by the justice system
  • Law enforcement agencies in your state

Criminal justice controversial

Controversial justice research paper topics on criminal justice should be vibrant and slightly defiant. Choose a criminal justice topic that always causes controversy. You can see statistics on the Internet or ask your parents. Note on what criminal justice issues people’s opinions differ. Look at the following list to understand what we are talking about:

  • Capital punishment vs imprisonment
  • Human rights in custody
  • Is our judicial system fair?
  • How should racial profiling be punished?
  • Is the victim guilty of sexual abuse?
  • Drug distribution: can a suspect be framed?
  • Violence must be punished more severely than other types of crime
  • Weapons must be allowed
  • Prisoners must have the right to rest
  • Legalization of prostitution: what it can lead to

Criminal justice debate

The debate about criminal justice is one type of presentation of one’s point of view. In this case, you must prepare strong evidence and rehearse the speech. Debates on criminal justice require great topics as well as academic writing. Let’s look at what criminal justice research paper topics are suitable.

  • Human rights in the court: what you can require and rely on
  • What crime should be considered an international criminal justice system?
  • Criminal justice should apply regardless of age
  • Should parents be responsible for the misconduct of their children?
  • American criminal justice system needs complete reformation
  • Capital punishment must be abolished
  • Should harassment and threat be considered a crime?
  • Does all crime result from a violation of human rights?
  • Detention or psychiatric hospital: what sentence will suit maniacs?

Criminal justice thesis

When creating a criminal justice dissertation, pay attention to more complex and capacious justice research paper topics. You must investigate the subject, gather evidence and choose the right structure. Make sure you understood the requirements of the style and format of the criminal justice paper.

For topics, discuss human rights, the criminal justice system of your state or racial profiling. Show your knowledge and critical thinking. Create a strong thesis, that shows your mood about that criminal justice topic. Browse through the Internet to gather some information. Therefore, you will understand, whether you have enough evidence on your criminal justice topic or it is better to choose another one.

Current criminal justice

  • Does the justice system in (your country) work properly?
  • What crimes are considered by the international criminal court?
  • At what age is the child criminally responsible for his actions?
  • Should bullying be considered a crime in the justice system?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: what victims of violence feel

Criminology topics

  • Cybercrime: how the justice system should deal with this
  • Lies in scientific journals
  • Child abuse: what actions are considered unacceptable
  • Can unemployment affect crime rates?
  • Copyright Infringement. What actions are considered illegal?
  • International criminal law: how does it work?

Criminology research proposal

Our writing service helps criminal law students with any type of paper writing. There are no special requirements for proposal paper writing topics. Look at the lists above and think which topic seems good to you. Remember you should write about the criminal justice topic you really like. If you can’t decide, look at what topic you’ve got the best ratings for.

Criminal law

  • Protection of witnesses during and after testifying
  • Witness Confidentiality Guarantee
  • National Security: Regulations and Punishment for Violations
  • Criminal liability for false testimony
  • Animal and human rights and punishment for their violation

International criminal law 

  • The appeal process of the international criminal court
  • Violation of human rights in Africa
  • The relationship between the international criminal justice system and local ones
  • International crimes and punishment
  • Drug trafficking: how to recognize dealers
  • Criminal justice in middle east countries

Create your best criminal justice research paper

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