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Biology Research Topics: How to write a proper paper

July 5, 2021

Biology is such a scientific discipline dealing with living organisms and exploring their structure, growth, evolution, and functions. It is essential to understand the significance of biology before you write a paper on it. First of all, biology is focused on everything connected with life. It gives a deep understanding and scientific explanations of how non-living and living things interact. Finally, it provides insights and perspectives concerning the diversity of life forms. Moreover, biology is exploring other disciplines which are connected with life sustainability that includes roots of diseases, the environment, food quality, ecosystems, medicinal field development, and other mysteries surrounding the human body. The study of life keeps on shaping and changing the world. It also gives reliable and credible explanations on the reasons why it happens. 

Because of its nature, many students think it is complicated to select biology research essay topics. It encompasses every kind of living being as well as the current breakthroughs in investigations all over the world. Composing your essay in this niche and the process of selecting interesting research essay topics depends on your interests and the field of specialization. We prepared the answers of how to choose the right topic and lists of topics that might be interesting for you. So read on to get good topics!

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How to Select a Topic for a Biology Research Essay?

Finding wonderful topics for the study might be complicated. The things discussed might be very complicated to find a proper topic to generate a premium quality biology research essay. The biology topic should be appealing, interesting, and relevant to the world and the academe. Your research essay must deal with controversial questions, recent findings, and hard information. If you feel lost, we recommend you use the following principles to check out to select the best topic.

Note that you should always select something which is interesting for you. It will be complicated to compose anything that you do not care about as well as painful.

  • Analyze your topic once you select it. Define if the topic is narrow or broad. The broad topic would not give specific details and data that will assist you in building the essay. The narrow topic would provide you with everything you need to compose. Avoid general topics, however.
  • Research on the topic thoroughly and ensure you have sources to get data from. If your topic is too narrow, it might be complicated to compose it because you will not have materials to get the data from. 

As a discipline, biology is never-ending. You should constantly deal with recent debatable questions and findings. Note that a great topic is based on the scientific claim that is important for the scientific community. It must lead to future studies and provoke further discussions.  

The Best Ideas for Biological Essay Topics for All Students in 2021

Like any other essay, choosing a research topic is an essential thing. As soon as you get the proper topic, your chances to succeed and write well boost dramatically. Check out the following best topics that were gathered from various experts and sources here: 

Immune System

  1. Resistance Capacity & Human Immune System.
  2. Immune System Agents’ Functions.  
  3. Immune System Malfunction Diseases. 
  4. The Effects of Stress on Immunity.
  5. Autoimmunity & Tolerance.
  6. Allergic Reactions & Asthma.
  7. The Human Body’s Immunotherapy.
  8. Transplantation & Immunology.
  9. The Graft Rejection’s Prevention. 
  10. The Benefits of Vaccination. 
  11. Vaccination Society’s Perspective.

Plant Pathology Biology Research Essay Topics

  1. Plants & Natural Disease Resistance. 
  2. The Prevention Measures & Plant Pathology.
  3. Current Genomic Tools & Plant-Associated Microbes: The Extensive Investigation.
  4. The Literature Review on Evolution & Microbial Ecology. 
  5. Modern Technology & Plant Diseases Management.
  6. Plant Evolution & Genetics. 
  7. Invasive Plants & Weedy.
  8. Functions & Aspects of Photosynthesis.

Hormones & Behavior 

  1. The Significance & Effects of Certain Hormones on the Human Bodily Functions.
  2. Antibiotic Resistance & Cell Structure.
  3. The Way Hormones Impact Human Behavior & Mind. 
  4. The Way Hormones Become The Main Factor to Human Depression.
  5. Hormonal Modifications During Pregnancy & Female Anatomy.
  6. The Biological Foundation of Psychological Disorders.
  7. The Biology & Bipolar Disorder.
  8. Testosterone & Cortisol Impact Risk-Taking.
  9. Oxytocin Science Current Developments. 
  10. The Fear Reaction & Oxytocin. 
  11. The Endocrine-Related Diseases Lasting Effects.
  12. Reproductive System Hormonal Control.
  13. Hormonal Therapy Influences. 
  14. Metabolism & Endocrinology.
  15. Are Psychopathic Disorders Hormone-Specific? 
  16. The Therapy Use of the Melatonin. 
  17. The Steroid Hormones’ Way to Body Cells.
  18. How Does Cardio Exercise Impact Hormones?
  19. The Treating Psychopathic Disorders & Oxytocin Use.
  20. The Role of Hormones in Women’s Mental Health. 
  21. Mental Health & Gender Specifics. 

Abortion, Genetic Human Cloning Researches

  1. Society’s View of Abortion Law in the U.S.A.
  2. The Abortion & Feminism.
  3. Biological Insights on Abortion.
  4. The Possibilities on Transplantation & Human Cloning. 
  5. Cloning Different Types. 
  6. Genetic Disorders, DNA Structure, and Contemporary Technology.
  7. Development & History of Human Cloning Science. 
  8. The Human Cloning Moral Intricacies. 
  9. May Cloning Modify Medicine?
  10. Development & Origins of DNA-modified Organisms.
  11. DNA Effects & Modifications on Humans.
  12. May DNA Modify Truly Beat Aging?
  13. Genetic Grounds & Obesity. 
  14. Is Homosexuality Genetically Based?
  15. The Effect of Addictive Substances On Genes.
  16. Depression & Genes. 
  17. The Pros & Cons of Transgenic Crops.
  18. What Is the Main Cause of Genetic Mutations?
  19. Do We Need a Donor’s Consent for the Organ Donation?
  20. Transplantation & Moral Codes.
  21. How Does Public Opinion Impact the Scientific Progress?


  1. The Factors To Consider About Animal Growth. 
  2. Obesity & Home Pets.
  3. Traditional Dog Diet & Modern Home Pets. 
  4. Animals Male Pregnancy. 
  5. Beauty Products That Are Tested on Animals: Is It Ethical?
  6. A Bird Behaviors Study.
  7. Food Sustainability & Animal Science. 
  8. The Way Veganism Actually Impacts Meat Production.
  9. Wild Animals Projects. 
  10. Role of Fashion Industry On Animal Abuse.
  11. The Sea Animals & Camouflage Mechanism.
  12. Cognitive Function & Discovering Primate Language.
  13. Ecological Subjects
  14. Evolutionary & Ecological Factors That Impact Animal Behavior.
  15. The Relationship Between Environment & Living Forms. 
  16. The Animal Forms Effect of Human Behavior in America.
  17. Ways Plants & Animals Adapt to Modifying Environment.
  18. Resistance Developmental Mechanism & Animals. 
  19. Environmental Modification: The Diversity of Species Involvement. 
  20. The Way Global Warming Truly Threats Environment and Species. 
  21. Tropical Forest Extinction & Fast Food Industry. 
  22. Environmental Psychology Effects On The Contemporary World.
  23. Different Means & Wildlife Protection. 
  24. The Effects of the Rainforest Extinction.
  25. The Need for Protection & Rare Species. 
  26. The Extinction Problem. 
  27. Renewable Energy & Environment’s Pollution. 
  28. Climate Change & Biodiversity. 
  29. Pollution Types in the Contemporary World.
  30. What is the Necessity of Biology Sustainability?
  31. Species Extinction Factors.
  32. The Ecotourism Benefits.
  33. What Are the Impacts of Extinction of Bees? 
  34. The Ocean Wildlife: The Way Oil Spill Might Affect It.
  35. The Surrounding Organic Farming Benefits & Factors.  

Neurobiology Research Essay Topics

  1. Models of Orientation & Visual Cortex.
  2. The Robotic Technology & Role of Neuroscience. 
  3. The Base of Visual-Motor Coordination.
  4. The Human Brain & Impact of Music.
  5. Disorders & Brain Injuries.
  6. The Memory & Brain.
  7. Brain Self-Repair Mysteries. 
  8. Genetic Defects Leading to Schizophrenia.
  9. Migraine: Causes & Factors. 
  10. Correlation Between Anxiety & Gut Bacteria. 
  11. The Contribution of Gut Bacteria to Depression.
  12. Problem-Solving & Cognitive Neuroscience. 
  13. Proteins & Genes That Are Responsible for Neurons.

History of Biology

  1. The Development & History of Genetics.
  2. Significance to Biology of Darwin’s Theory.
  3. Exploring & Discovering Evolution Factors.
  4. The Impact of Archeology on Animal Biology.
  5. The Impact & Discovery of Natural Selection Theory.
  6. The Whale Hunting Effects.
  7. The Evolution Dead Branches.
  8. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek or the Famous Biologist. 
  9. The History of Vaccination & Edward Jenner. 
  10. Rachel Carson & Environmental Safety.
  11. The Way Biology & History Are Combined Due to Stephen Jay Gould’s Paleontology.

Other Proper Biology Research Essay Topics

  1. Animals & Homosexuality. 
  2. Are There Any Real Creatures Which Never Die Of the Natural Reasons?
  3. Shortage Of Raw Metals & Microbial Factories.
  4. Can Wolves Be Domesticated?
  5. Meningitis: A Virus & An Illness.
  6. Drug Addiction: The Things We Know & Things We Do Not Know.
  7. The Scientific Perspective on Hypnosis.
  8. The Pollution Effect On People.
  9. Human Memories & Neurobiology.
  10. Legalization of Cannabis For Medicinal Targets.
  11. Binge Drinking Of Alcohol & The Way It Ruins The Human Body.
  12. The Reason The Ebola Virus Might Still Be An Enormous Threat. 
  13. The Planet’s Health & The Relation of It to the Species Extinction.
  14. Organ Transplants & Human Cloning.
  15. The Continuous Threat & Impact of Diabetes.
  16. Traditional Medicine & Alternative Medicine.
  17. The Unknown Future Steroids Effect. 
  18. Cancer Cures & Cell Studying.
  19. Space Travel: Its Main Challenges & Possibilities. 
  20. The DNA Testing. 
  21. Physical Exercise & Metabolism. 
  22. Sleep Neurobiological Explanation. 
  23. The Infectious Diseases Evolution. 

You should always remember that your research essay must depict the evidence of research. So choose the topic which is rich in material. If you opt for your selected topic that will be interesting for you, you will craft it masterfully. Also, you will have to outline the main points, compose a solid intro, main body, and conclusion. 

People also ask about:

  • What are some biology topics?

For instance, you might choose such topics as: “Genetic Engineering and CRISPR”, “Coronavirus and Epidemiology,” “Climate Change,” “Behavioral Economics,” “Astrobiology,” and “Endangered Species Recovery.” 

  • What is the best topic in biology?

 You might try such topics as: “Immune System,” “Behavior and Hormones,” “Obesity in House Pets,” “Birds Behavioral Study,” and “Male Pregnancy Among Animals.”

  • What are the current research topics?

 You might write a biology research paper about “History of Biology,” “Medical treatments and Health,” “Abortion and Human Cloning,” and “Plant Pathology.”

  • Where can I find scientific research topics?

 If you are looking for the most interesting biology research paper topics, we can always help you find them. We have multiple essay topics in the biology list in stock. Moreover, if you do not want to compose a biology research paper by yourself, we are here to assist you. We are a team of writers and editors who do know how to create a real masterpiece. We are ready to generate a genuine and exclusive biology research paper for you right now if only you specified all the requirements and instructions. Just tell us how fast you need your research paper in biology to be written, mention the number of pages and word count of the final paper, and that’s it! 

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