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How to Write an Exploratory Essay: the Writing Tips

October 9, 2019

Having difficulty in writing an exploratory paper? Not sure what information this kind of students tasks should include? Simply don’t have enough ideas and looking for a source of inspiration? Then this article is for you. Here you’ll find answers to these and other questions. Let’s not waste time and move to helpful tips on writing an essay.

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What Is an Exploratory Essay? The Definition

This is the first question you ask during the writing process. In short, this is a certain type of essay in which the essay writer needs to explore some issues. Upon that, you shouldn’t do serious research, present evidence as well as to justify your point of view as in similar tasks. You can freely explore your issue and show results. By the way, exploratory essays are considered one of the simplest tasks compared to other types of research paper such as argumentative essays.

In sum, it isn’t hard, but it still has some features you should know about. Let’s check them out.

Exploratory Questions: Types

This essay doesn’t demand a thesis statement in a strict sense. But you still need to provide your exploratory questions – in fact, the goal of your essay.

  • Is this fact true? – Try to indicate whether your issue is actual. Simple as that.
  • What does your issue mean? – Here you can define and reveal the essence of the problem.
  • Is it relevant? – Comment on the significance of the issue.
  • What is the ground? – Point out the main cause of the main problem in your essay.  
  • What steps to take? – Outline what measures can be assumed to deal with the problem.

Also, try not to use hackneyed phrases such as “The goal of my essay is…” and so on. You need to catch the reader’s attention with interesting ideas.

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Exploratory Essay Outline Tips

Very often even a person with a silver tongue and the ability to express thoughts convincingly, find it hard to make a correct outline. The search for ideas may drag on for a long time. This may greatly overshadow the whole process of creative work.

First of all, you shouldn’t strive to draw up a perfect outline. In the process of work, you can edit it. Exploratory essays don’t provide strict restrictions and that is the main benefit of this genre.

Try to reflect all main thoughts and ideas should be reflected in the form of points of the plan. Then, as detailed as possible, itemize it, breaking each point into sub-paragraphs.

Don’t forget to re-read your outline. Make sure that each item is in its place and sufficiently detailed.

Also, consider an option to ask for help. You can, say, talk with your fellow students and share your thoughts. Brainstorming is always a good source for new ideas.

The Steps Involved in Writing an Exploratory Paper

Well, we’ve figured out that the outline will greatly simplify your work. What to do next?

To create a perfect paper, you need to study the topic you chose. As soon as you’re well versed in it, you’ll need to look at the literature that is suitable for the topic. Only after studying it, it’s time to come up with your statements.

We picked up the best tips and tricks for the good exploratory essay.

  • Before you start, you need to come up with enduring issues, define a goal and find sources for your work.
  • Seek inspiration everywhere: social media, books, history, etc.
  • Use the freewriting technique. Its essence is to write down all thoughts that come to your mind without following grammar, punctuation, style, word order, etc. All of this can be fixed later. This will help cope with a writer’s block and find an extraordinary idea.
  • Don’t get stuck up on the introduction. It can also be written after the body part. In this case, it is already clear what the essay is about, so the beginning is easier to write.
  • Checkout essays examples available online. Of course, you shouldn’t copy them – this is called plagiarism. But looking at other people’s work, you’ll better understand how and what to write in your paper.

In general, the main steps for writing paper look like this: picking up a good topic, drawing up an outline, introduction, exploring the main idea and summary analysis (these steps can be interchanged – it’s up to you).

By the way, we recommend you to read about writing a character analysis.

Structure of a Perfect Exploratory Essay

Although this kind of paper gives you some kind of freedom, you must adhere to a certain structure. This is a very essential part of the work. College teachers pay special attention to this. A lack of clear structure may affect your final score.

First of all, your essay should include 3 main sections: introduction, main part, and conclusion. Let’s take a look at the writing features of each of these sections.

The introduction, as a rule, presents the issue that you have studied, and its relevance. Here you answer the questions that we mentioned above. Thus, you set forth an issue or a certain fact to which you answer or which you explain further. You can even use a quote from a source to state your topic. An introduction is your chance to uncover the essence of your essay.

The body paragraphs (as a rule, there are 3 of them) describe the research process. Point out the source used, its author, and the reason why you select it. Provide information that you picked up in regards to your issue. Write how the source helped you, gave you another perspective on the issue or, vice versa, came short.

The essay conclusion repeats the issue you studied, provides some of its reasons as well as offers some solutions. Summarize everything you said in your paper. Think about whether you still have questions, where you can find answers to them, and what other studies can be done.

Keep in mind the format of your work – MLA, Chicago, etc. Learn all the requirements, for instance, the reference list.

How to Choose Good Exploratory Essay Topics

If there is no list of exploratory essay topics among which you can choose one, but only a general direction is given, then consider which audience your paper is for. Options can be different: a teacher at a university, a literary community, an employer, etc. Choose a topic based on this. But keep in mind that it should first of all be interesting to you.

Here are some topic ideas that may inspire you.

1. Why is gender equality important in the modern world?

2. Is procrastination always bad?

3. What age is best suited for a first relationship?

4. Is coffee a legal drug?

5. What is the benefit of being a vegan?

6. Why can’t all people on earth be vegans?

7. What impact does the media have on our lives?

8. Can gadgets replace books?

9. What things affect crime rates?

10. Can a computer replace a teacher?

11. Is religion important in modern society?

12. Do modern couples need marriage?

13. Should society abandon the death penalty?

14. Are computer games addictive?

15. Do same-sex marriages affect children’s gender identity?

16. Is it ethical to clone humans?

17. Why science has not completely abandoned animal tests?

18. Is being alone a challenge or freedom?

19. How does fashion affect us?

20. Should abortion be banned?

21. What caused the American Civil War?

22. Is it important for spouses to have a baby?

23. Is sugar addiction true or myth?

24. How does music affect your mood?

25. Paper book or e-reader – which is better?

26. Why don’t men wear skirts?

27. Why do racial stereotypes arise?

28. Is higher education an indicator of intelligence?

29. Should cannabis be legal in all states?

30. What are the pros and cons of gamification in learning?

For each of us, there is an infinite number of topics. All of them are hidden in our inattention. Just analyze what you want and what you can write about and the topic itself will come to your mind.

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