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How to Write an Illustration Essay

November 5, 2019

Most students panic when they encounter a new type of assignment. When it comes to essays, the new look is suspicious and fearful, as you should learn new skills. However, an illustrative essay is an understandable kind of essay. It resembles an argumentative or exemplification essay, but you do not need to discover anything new.

Most likely you are already familiar with the definition of an illustration paper. In this essay, you come up with a list of examples, relevant to the topic. To some extent, this prepares you for writing a dissertation, because you need to find relevant data that will support the thesis statement and your main point of view. The crucial role in learning is played by the ability to explain one’s thoughts with examples, which makes an illustration essay.

Definition of Illustration Essay

An illustration essay is a summary of specific information that will help the reader better understands the thesis. You need to concentrate on examples and facts that are trustworthy. Forget about expressing feelings: you should pay attention to the experiences and situations that explain the topic.

Nevertheless, your paper should be pleasant to read to attract attention. Believe me, few people will want to read the facts if there are no epithets or any jokes between them. This type of essay should improve visualization, so each example should be easy to remember.

The paper consists of an introduction, the main part called the body and conclusion. First, you formulate a thesis that contains the main essence of the whole essay. The body of the essay always contains arguments confirming your point of view. After conducting the study, you formulate a conclusion in which you summarize all the arguments and confirm the thesis. In other words, the structure of an illustration essay is very similar to other types of papers.

Step-by-step Guide to Writing Illustration Essay

To make it easier for you to work with an illustration essay, we have put together a guide to writing an illustrative essay step by step. Follow these tips to make your paper attractive and get a high score.

1. Choose an interesting topic. If you have not received a topic from a teacher, consider yourself lucky. You have the right to write about what bothers you. Think about what you often think about or what you are good at. So it will be easier for you to pick up convincing arguments.

2. Analyze the topic. Even if you are a specialist in this field, spend some time watching the latest events. The fact is that changes are constantly taking place in the world, and your knowledge may be out of date.

3. Create an outline. Note the key thoughts and highlights of the essay. Identify the sources of ideas for the parts of the essay and come up with as many arguments as possible. Make a plan for working on paper, it will help you consistently express thoughts.

4. Write an illustration essay structure. Your essay should not be wordy, because its main role is to explain the chosen topic.

5. Take care of no errors. Even if your work seems flawless, you should check it for plagiarism and the presence of grammatical and spelling errors. It will not take much time, however, it will protect you from additional problems if the teacher does it.

6. Make sure your work covers the topic. You can re-read the illustration essay yourself, but we recommend that you show it to your friend or supervisor to hear an opinion from the outside. Get rid of arguments that don’t convince the reader.

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Choose a topic

Good illustration essay topics lead you to success. Therefore, it is better to spend time once, so that later work on the topic goes quickly. Remember what has bothered you lately or analyze your searches. If you’re still baffled, search the web for finished work, and browse a few. This way you will understand what interests you.

Also, pay attention to the name. Use brainstorming to come up with several options, and then choose the most beautiful one. You can also start the essay with arguments and thesis. When the paper is ready or at least contains all the key components, it will be easier for you to create a vivid title.

Conduct some research

To take care of the quality of your paper, you need to do a little research. Here are some tips to help you with your illustration essay:

  • Check out existing essays on similar topics to understand which information has already been discussed many times and which has not yet been addressed. Thus, you should post arguments, starting with the most interesting, to interest readers. Also in this way you can avoid plagiarism.
  • Check out the latest news on this topic. You should rely on up-to-date data, especially if you are writing about technology or the environment. However, do not include complex terms or too detailed data in the essay, because then it will be difficult for you to give suitable examples.
  • Consult with a teacher or senior students if this topic was discussed in front of you. It will be great if you can communicate with those who have already worked on the same information. Ask the illustration essay writing service for help.

Write an outline

An effect essay outline is one of the most important essays writing tools, regardless of type. Being a mini-version of your paper, it contains the structure, key information, and links between the elements of the essay. The sketch gives you an idea of how good your essay looks and whether it is easy to read. In other words, this is the outline of an essay with which you systematize your thoughts.

Work on content

In order not to overload the paper, choose the most attractive examples. Come up with a powerful thesis that will be the center of an illustration essay, and complement it with an argument. Take care to write every individual example in a new paragraph.


When the illustration essay is ready, check each part for errors. Also, compare the final version with the outline to make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you think that there are no errors in the essay, most likely you will not notice them. In this case, you can use the proper services or online essay writing guides.

Final check

Even if you are already confident in the quality of the paper, be sure to do a general check. You must evaluate the relevance of the topic and the arguments given. We advise you to postpone the finished essay for a couple of days to distract yourself from its topic. Then transgress to check with a new look. Believe me, you can improve the text.

How to Find Inspiration and Evidence

If you are an active user of social networks, you can write a post-introduction to this topic in which you add up the main thoughts. With the help of feedback, you will be able to understand what opinion your target audience has. Based on the comments, you can pick up arguments or change the tone of the statement.

Find a selection of books or documentaries related to this topic. Pay attention to the responses of the audience, and analyze their opinion. If you are looking for facts or expert opinions, pay attention to scientific articles or interviews.

Tips for Writing an Illustration Essay from Our Academic Writers

  • Create a hook in the introduction. So you can grab the reader’s attention and earn his trust. A hook may be a quote, a rhetorical question, a joke, or a life story.
  • Add some background information to explain the research topic. The reader needs to know what you are writing about, so it will be appropriate to describe the essence of the problem or to tell what prompted you to write this paper.
  • Make sure that the arguments and conclusions do not contradict the thesis. To expand on the topic, you need to constantly reinforce the thesis. Also, note that each next sentence should continue the idea of the previous one.

Basic Illustration Essay Structure

Pay attention to the example illustrative essay structure. This is the simplest scheme that will suit everyone.

          1. Introduction:

  • A hook
  • Thesis statement

2. Body paragraphs:

  • Paragraph 1
  • Paragraph 2
  • Paragraph 3

3. Conclusion.

Sources for Your Writing

Use news publications and social networks and videos to find inspiration for your essay. You can use examples of famous bloggers or writers because many of them have an impact on young people. By the way, you can contact some bloggers and ask them to post a survey or a short statement, with which you can study the opinion of the audience.

Creating an Illustration Essay Outline

For the sketch to help in academic writing an essay you should know how to work on it. Start with a structure by adding key data. Use brainstorming to come up with a lot of ideas for arguments. Then select the most suitable. Evaluate the argument for accuracy and keywords.

17 Great Illustration Essay Ideas that Will Get You an A+

If you’re still confused and don’t know which topic to choose, use the following items to choose a topic idea. These are truly good illustration essay topics.

  • What is the relationship between mental activity and sports
  • Best illustration essay on a social topic
  • Buy custom essay: is it a good solution?
  • Why do we get into a friendzone
  • Date invitation: how to do it right
  • How can a fresher get comfortable in high school?
  • Pros and cons of a student dormitory
  • Student Budgeting Tips
  • The difficulty of admission for international students
  • How to get prepared for a lesson when there is no time
  • How did my college papers change?
  • What teaching methods attract students
  • How teachers prepare for a lesson
  • The hidden side of the department store’s work
  • Ways to get along with troubled colleagues
  • How a specific city has changed after an environmental disaster
  • Tell a story about your personal experience of visiting an exhibition or performance

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