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Psychology Research Paper Features and Ideas

May 20, 2020

You were instructed to write a psychological research paper. This is not an easy task, and it requires some preparation from you.

What is your main goal? Present to readers the latest achievements from the world of psychology and mental health. This means that you will have to familiarize yourself with new theories, ideas or arguments. Of course, you should look at them with your own eyes and prepare a good research paper based not only on facts but also on your own opinion.

We have prepared for you a detailed guide that will make the writing process a lot easier.

How to write a top-notch psychology research paper

Even though writing a psychology essay requires a number of efforts, you will cope with this task if you responsibly approach the process. Here are some good ideas for you.

What exactly are you writing about?

There are two main types of psychology research:

  1. Empirical method. You can provide a large number of details, experiments, provable facts that are relevant to mental health.
  2. Literature review method. This is an analysis of someone’s empirical activity. You can read 5-20 studies to present an analytical psychology paper.

Do your research

The name of your assignment automatically determines the topic for psychology research. Many students consider this part of the training to be their favorite. Imagine that you are a detective! You need to browse all the professional sites, study books in the library, talk with professors and professional psychologists. Write down all the useful facts, as well as your own ideas that come to your mind during the preparation process.

Sketch an outline 

When you have collected enough data, you can start writing a research paper. But this process will drag on for a long time if you do not structure all the available information. Make a plan and it will become your guiding compass.

Begin writing about mental health

So, you have a topic of psychology research, a plan, as well as an understanding of what you will write about. Do not rush to write the final version right away, at first you may have several draft copies. You will have time to edit and make changes, first focus on its essence. Having received the finished research papers, you can go to proofreading.

Below you will find some beautiful ideas, that will help you to define your research topic, your research direction. 

Write about a disorder or type of therapy or mental health

Mental illness such as phobias, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorders, etc. can be a good topic for an article.

You can delve into the problem itself, if it causes your personal interest, or analyze outdated or modern treatment methods.

Choose a topic related to human cognition

Some psychological essay topics may include a description of not everyday problems and diseases, but more everyday things. For example, each person has some kind of dream. We all concentrate in different ways, perceive information.

Intelligence also works differently for each person. Everyone has general knowledge about mental health, so try to look at this issue from a different angle.

Personal development topics 

If you are attracted by the question of the development of human personality, you have a lot of space for ideas. For example, you can choose a research topic about children. People grow, receive academic and social education, and learn various skills. What factors influence this? There are different gender roles, different approaches to education. Some parents behave too cruelly towards the child, while others, on the contrary, allow their children too much. Analyze it.

Choose a source to critique

There is a lot of psychological literature about mental health these days. Visit the library to find works by classics of psychology: Freud or Zimbardo. You can also take a list of professional and academic materials from your professor. Browse through all the articles until you find the text that will make you want to write a research paper.

Go through a popular experiment

Psychological experiments are something that all students simply adore! Each of them can provide you with a huge amount of information for your research paper. Analyze the ethics of the Stanford Prison psychology experiment, evaluate the consequences of experiments with Harlow monkeys, etc. If you don’t know which experiment to choose, talk with your professor or classmates. You must present a fresh opinion for some mental illness, which means that your personal interest is of great importance.

Write a psychology paper about a historical figure

People who practice psychology are always interesting personalities with specific mental health. If this is your major, most likely you know a few people with whom you can be inspired. Write a research paper on biography, professional history, ideas, influence on the development of psychology. Some prominent psychologists have had amazing lives and are definitely worth exploring.

Write about a specific psychology career

Before writing a psychology paper, think: who is your target audience? If these are psychology students or people who might be interested in psychology or mental health in general, write research papers about a career in this area. You can reveal a large number of aspects: the responsibilities of psychologists, stereotypes about this profession, employment and conducting private practice options, etc.

Ideas of psychology research paper topics you can write about

Sometimes professors do not give students specific essay topics for research. This means that you can trust your imagination and choose the topic that causes you the most interest. Here are some good options for your research paper.

Social psychology research essay topics

  • How can social cognition break mental health?
  • The difference in social influence on children 10 years ago and today
  • What becomes an occasion to change one’s mood regarding religion?
  • How can I adapt to mental disorders?
  • How can learning disabilities affect the way you feel at work?

Cognitive psychology research paper topics

  • Why does autism have such an impact on modern society?
  • Is color psychology useful for mental health?
  • What becomes a trigger for mental illness?
  • Is there any way to recover lost memory?
  • How do young children solve their problems?
  • How does cognitive psychology measure critical thinking and mental health?
  • What helps people make certain decisions?

Developmental psychology research

  • Bullying in schools: what is the role of developmental psychology?
  • Is it true that the media is helping to spread violence and mental illness?
  • Why is cruelty so common among children?
  • Why are gender roles needed and are they really needed for mental health?
  • How can parents develop themselves to contribute to the mental health of their children?
  • The psychological consequences of the use of physical violence against children
  • Are there not only physiological but also psychological reasons for aging?

Abnormal psychology essay topics

  • Why is a 21-century disease called anorexia?
  • How mental illness develops in children and adults
  • Linking Food Abundance in Supermarkets and Eating Disorders
  • Is it possible to live a lifetime, always telling the truth?
  • Why not all countries and cultures abandoned cannibalism?
  • Why can mental illness be useful?
  • What do we know about such sexual orientation as asexuality?
  • What is happening with mental health today?

Clinical psychology research paper topics

  • What methods exist in psychology for the treatment of chronic pain?
  • Psychological assistance to criminals: how does it work?
  • Does cognitive-behavioral therapy cope with mental health?
  • When are antidepressants for mental illness really needed?
  • What helps to cope with agoraphobia?

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