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How to Write a Research Paper on School Uniform

May 14, 2020

The theme of school uniforms has always caused a large number of controversial discussions. There are several opinions about a school uniform, whether it should be adopted or not. 

Some of the benefits are pretty obvious: children become more focused on their studies, the dress code helps to create the educational environment, etc. But there are also many shortcomings about wearing uniforms, and it is important to consider them.

Therefore, many universities offer their students to conduct their own uniform research, analyze the pros and cons of school uniforms, find convincing arguments and come to certain conclusions. Therefore, we have prepared for you a detailed guide that will help you cope with these tasks.

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Why school uniform research is relevant these days?

Discussions have begun in the last century. Back in the late 1970s, people were discussing whether students should wear school uniforms.

In 2016, this topic received even more widespread coverage. According to statistics, more than 20% of students wear the school uniform. Back in 2008, this figure did not exceed 14%. Children who wear uniforms, their parents, and school employers are increasingly worried about problems that potential “unification” could lead to.

While covering this topic in your study, it is very important to study the opinions of all discussion participants. The facts that confirm each team’s points of view should be the basis of your work. Even if you have your categorical opinion of whether students should wear school uniforms, while working on a research paper, you will notice that it begins to change.

In the process of writing the article, you should structure all your ideas related to school uniforms, convey them in a logical and understandable way, back up with statistics and make a conclusion that will help your readers get a complete picture of this issue.

Structuring guide for the research paper

The research paper should be well structured. Make sure your readers get a basic understanding of the problem. You must present its relevance, existing points of view in different circles: the opinions of academic staff, educational politicians, sociologists, children, and their parents. We have prepared some useful recommendations that will help make your uniform research structured and interesting for the audience.

Search for relevant information

In the process of writing paper, you will use a large number of sources about school uniforms. And if you want your research to be high-quality and authoritative, rely solely on official sources. Your professor can recommend proven databases. But less formal sources of information are also important for an audience such as children and parents. Remember that you must remain neutral on this issue.

Come up with your thesis statement

It is one of the most important parts of your research. And you have to introduce him at the very beginning. This will already give readers an idea of ​​all further research paper: all your arguments, facts, statistics, graphic proofs and other data will relate to this thesis statement.

Here is an example of a thesis statement for exploring the need for a school uniform:

Most of the school uniform supporters believe that it helps to improve the educational results, that it is useful for the behavior and motivation of students who wear uniforms.

Give your paper an outline

Your research paper should begin with the preparation of the layout. You need a plan that you will follow in preparing the paper. When developing it, pay attention to the requirements of your professor, since different academic styles can affect the structure of the plan.

Systematize the information you’ve found

So, you studied various sources, wrote out the most successful ideas, and also drafted your thoughts. Now you need to put all your notes in order. Sort them according to different points of view, type of information. For example, you may have a separate column for statistics about school uniform, a separate column for facts, another for quotations from interested parties, etc.

Create a draft

Don’t think that your academic writing will be perfect right away. Write a draft to check which parts of the paper are redundant, whether there is a lack of some important facts about school uniform, etc. The draft version of the study will help you make the final one even better.

Proofread and edit

So, your research paper is ready. You need to read it several times, check academic styles, and make amends. If you are not sure that the article turned out to be really high-quality, order professional paper editing. Academic writing specialists will read this text for you and help you improve it.

Some ideas for pros and cons

Most likely you already understood that the problem of a school uniform does not have a single solution. You can pick up a large number of arguments, each of which will concern different aspects:

  • economics;
  • society;
  • education and academic performance;
  • politicians;
  • aesthetics;
  • hygiene;
  • personal comfort.

You can start the research paper by organizing the arguments in the field to which they relate. Remember to quote your sources.

Does the dress code really help?

Supporters of school uniforms argue that students should focus on learning, not fashion. School administrators have a slightly different point of view on this issue: they want to detect strangers on the campus, as well as get rid of gangster styles with the uniform in public school.

Many parents and children are negative about this idea. Children want to express their opinions in free form, and wearing uniforms doesn’t imply this. Parents are not happy to spend money on the purchase of a uniform and spend time searching for it in stores.

This is what you need to know before you start writing your research paper. Then you can break down all the information received into the relevant sections.


After analyzing the studies, you can find out that there is a correlation between academic performance and wearing school uniforms. In addition, it helps to control social behavior. And it’s not just about schools. Many countries of the world have different standardized dress code: for cultural institutions, religious communities, social groups. Therefore, it is not surprising that the education sector has become another group where the school uniform is introduced.

Behavior and School Uniforms

Despite the availability of some research, no convincing evidence has yet been provided that branded clothing is directly related to academic performance. At the same time, students who are forced to wear a school uniform cannot feel sufficiently protected to realize their scientific and social needs.

Diverse Uniform Roles

The school uniform has a number of advantages. It helps to show society that a particular person is a student of a particular educational institution. Also, students who are wearing uniforms, do not spend their concentration on determining what their friends wear. This helps to align social and economic roles, create a sense of community. Sometimes it even improves academic performance.

Disadvantages of School Uniforms

According to some studies, school uniforms can reduce student responsibility. They lose the ability to make mature decisions about their clothes. Also, the introduction of school uniforms discourages clothing that was provided for by religious obligations. And, of course, this affects the financial aspect. Each student needs a set of clothes, that may be expensive for parents.

Emerging Trends in Uniforms

It is interesting that even despite the uniformity of school clothes, there are design trends. For example, female students have always spoken out for a more modern and fashionable design. Some services even offer the opportunity to develop a school uniform for a personal and corporate image in an online format.


Summing up, we can say that debates around school uniform are permanent, but the context is changing. A few years ago, these clothes were perceived as something boring, obligatory and repulsive. Today it is becoming clear that society and educational institutions must work together to promote school uniforms as a fashionable idea for academic performance. An affordable uniform price is also crucial.

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