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Expository Essay Writing

March 4, 2020

If you are struggling to write your essay but still have many questions left, this article is exactly what you need!

Unfortunately, this type of essay requires a deep analysis of multiple sources and is considered more difficult compared to other types of works.

This essay is a genre, which aims to describe a certain situation or explain how a chosen process operates. From its name, you can understand that you should first have a clear image of the discussed matter in order to provide the audience with a clear explanation. It’s impossible to cover a topic, which you don’t know. That is why you must devote much time to a preparation stage to cover a topic in the best way.

Writing this kind of essay isn’t that simple, especially if the topic requires analysis of the sources and not just providing your opinion on the subject. To succeed in this type of writing, you need to organize the work process properly and to understand why you have to complete this sort of an assignment.

If you want to get an A, read the article further, and follow our guidelines step by step.

What is an Expository Essay and How to Write It?

Expository writing gives students a chance to discover and explore new subjects, research ideas and make claims, providing the necessary evidence for backing up that claim. Such paper is a great way to learn how to provide credible information from reliable sources and to organize thoughts in a clear way.

Such a broad definition gives students the freedom to write on any possible subject (however, adjusted to instructions). Such paper should follow a regular structure: introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion.

Choose The Good Topic

There are lots of topics that you can cover when assigned with an expository paper. However, a perfect one will reflect your interests and will show that you genuinely care about the discussed matter.

Subjects to discuss differ depending on your academic level: high school students will have simpler and more general topics, while college students will need to work quite hard. You can either try to answer a disturbing question like ‘How to handle anxiety easily?’ or to tell me about your favourite historical building.

As you see, the choice of subjects is really huge and only depends on the guidelines you have received.


An introductory paragraph is considered the most important section of any work because if you fail to make it catchy and interesting, the audience will hardly decide to continue reading.

That is why it is so important to pay attention to the introduction and an opening sentence. Take into account the following tips:

  • Ask an arguable question or provide a dilemma;
  • Introduce key information to help the audience understand what your writing intentions are;
  • Write a catchy thesis statement. It should present key facts to the reader and help them with understanding the main idea.

Main Body

When you are ready with the first part, you should start working on body paragraphs. To make them flawless, you need to:

  • Back all of the claims with enough credible facts;
  • Explain why the provided issues play an important role;
  • Start every paragraph with a topic sentence.


Outline of such an essay is very common, so after the main paragraphs you need to work on conclusions. In this section, you provide an overview of your work, offer possible solutions to the problem, and explain what makes your research important.

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Explanatory Essay Researching

If you are willing to know how to write such a paper, you should definitely pay attention to the researching stage. Nowadays, your work on an essay will always start with surfing the Internet. However, it is filled with false information, so you need to be very selective if you decide to use data from online sources. Remember, every paragraph of the essay should be reliable and credible, so check selected sources twice before using them in your work.

To avoid all sorts of mistakes, and to choose a source you can trust, follow the list below.

  1. Did the author add his name to the piece? Although some of the articles with an unknown author can still be credible, a common rule says that every reputable publisher will only post an article if the author is known. It gives a sort of a guarantee that the author can stick by his words instead of hiding behind Internet digits. In addition, an essay requires providing such data in a list of references;
  2. Is there a publication date? The date helps you to distinguish whether the work is relevant or not. If there is no date it will be impossible to check if the paper is worth your attention;
  3. Does the website have a good design? Of course, not every newspaper or journal must have an outstanding and beautiful website, but it should still look decent and professional. Are there any pop-up advertisements? Trust your own instincts and choose another source for your paragraph if any doubts arise;
  4. Is the writing good? If the source is reliable, most likely it will have an editor, who is making sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes in the publication. If you see serious mistakes, you can almost be sure that the source is not reliable;
  5. Did you enter the website through a search engine or your college library? I don’t say that Google or other search engines host only biased sources. However, the writing process that includes such serious research should only rely on portals with verified journals and publications. If you don’t know where to start, ask your teacher or library staff.

17 Expository Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Explain how you like spending free time and why.
  2. Whom would you like to look after and why?
  3. Give instructions on how to ride a bicycle.
  4. How to memorize new English words?
  5. How do you feel when you get bad grades?
  6. How to lead a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget?
  7. How to stop bullying in high educational establishments?
  8. What is the impact of new information technologies on people’s relations?
  9. How do computer games influence kids?
  10. How not to be materialistic?
  11. How to manage your time and not be late?
  12. Which strong points do you have?
  13. Which effect does the Internet have on modern communication?
  14. How not to become an addicted shopping person if you have money?
  15. What is the reason for the high percentage of divorces?
  16. Who is your favorite film superhero, and why?
  17. Do people need to stay independent?

Good Expository Essay Examples

For writing a good expository paper, you will need expository essay examples. They will help you to understand what topic is better, what the structure of such an assignment is, and what important elements your assignment should include.

You can always turn to free examples of similar works to create your own effective essay!

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