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Common Types of Research Papers You Should Know About

April 6, 2021

Making research may appear as a real challenge if you don’t know which type of paper you deal with at the moment. Do you have an assignment to make research but unsure which type to choose? We have an exhaustive list of research paper types you may look through and choose something suitable for you.

Definition Type

For this research paper, you simply make a comprehensive review of what a certain matter is, what features it has. You provide information only, without presenting your personal opinion about the work and its author. In this case, facts should be included for better reliability of the obtained definitions.

Analytical Type

While making a research paper, you collect various data on a matter, compare different points of view, and develop your own findings. To make the result of your research well, you need to collect reliable and accurate data. You need to select various sources of information. One of the most important things is staying neutral and impartial while considering any point of view and presenting your conclusions of the matter.

Persuasive Type

This research paper is also called argumentative. You may also take a certain position and develop arguments for your opinion. This paper is called to be persuasive simply because it is related to some controversial points of view. So, you need to review all sides of the matter and develop a certain position. You should not only prove the correctness of your point of view but also persuade your future reviewers that it is correct and reliable.

Compare-Contrast Type 

This research paper is designated specifically to analyze and compare the differences between two subjects, authors, stories, or simply points of view. You should emphasize here the key aspects that make those matters different. Making this research paper becomes far easier if you list all features each analyzed matter has. 

Cause-Effect Type

This research paper is designated to find out the cause and effect connections between two facts that appear one after another. To make this research paper well, you need to ask questions like “What?” and “Why?”

This will enable you to make connections between the causes and results. Such findings may help you in realizing the principal aspects of a situation or action and how that does influence the outcomes. This skill is extremely valuable for preparing various types of assignments. 

Interpretative Type

In this case, you need to review a situation or matter carefully. As the title suggests, here, multiple interpretations are possible. So, you need to be well-balanced and do a comprehensive review, providing arguments for supporting your conclusion.

When preparing this paper, you need to rely on a certain theoretical background but also think independently. The best example of a matter that is suitable for doing this research is legal. Nearly any point you take may have several interpretations and opinions about that.

Survey Type

This research may become especially interesting as you need to conduct a survey to ask certain questions. So, you need to choose respondents and ask them the right questions. This way, you collect data about certain matters and analyze the outcomes to interpret and present in a certain manner.

Experimental Type

As its title suggests, you need to conduct an experiment to complete this research. That may take effort, become your challenge, or a really exciting experience. This type of research is more specific to physics, chemistry, or biology.

That may become interesting from the point of investigating certain phenomenon or outcomes. In this case, you need to describe such an experiment by using and analyzing sufficient information also. So, in this case, you need to have a theoretical background and results of the conducted experiment.

Final Words

For arranging any research work well, you need to have a clear plan with your objectives. You need to be clear about the scope of information you should find to explore certain issues, methods you use to obtain such results.

Following certain formatting requirements is also important for this type of work. You need to review all sources comprehensively you find related to your subject and develop sufficient conclusions. Developing supporting statements, presenting pieces of evidence effectively is also important in certain cases.

So, you have a lot of work to do if you want to arrange that research well and obtain truly good outcomes. We believe you can do that on your own for any important matter to you; the rest matters you may assign to us.


Why should I do research?

If you want to get good results in nearly any field, research is necessary. You will learn this way to find and process various data as well as to present effective conclusions.

What is difficult about making research?

The most challenging thing is making your analysis truly comprehensive. You need to find and select accurate data and develop well-grounded conclusions in this aspect.

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