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How to Write an Article Review

March 25, 2020

The article review is a type of paper, which shows your analysis and assessment of an article. You must investigate the paper, express your opinion and argue for it. This requires the skills of critical thinking, analysis, and structuring of information. You must also research the subject, find alternative points of view and demonstrate them. The main factors that distinguish an article review are structure and consistency.

To learn how to create engaging article reviews, you need to practice a lot. However, for starters, you have to learn the guidelines for writing an article. We have prepared step-by-step instructions that will help you create an article review from A to Z. You will also learn what article review is and what types of it are. Let’s get to learning!

What Is an Article Review

First things first. An article review is a paper in which you analyze an article and support your opinion with arguments. Forget about essay writing. You must summarize the information, analyze and compare the data. Evaluate the ideas and research that the author suggested in the article. You are not required to add innovative ideas if you decide only to analyze paper.

Types of Review

There are three types of reviews, each of which has its characteristics. However, do not worry: the approaches when working with them are almost the same. Let us explain each type.


A journal article review requires the analysis and evaluation of a journal article or publication. Your task is to collect the key ideas of the article, determine its value and target audience. To put it another way, you need to explain who it will be interesting for and why.


If you write an article review about research, it is important to analyze the theories and methods from the paper. Your task is to gather critical information, evaluate and structure it. Provide readers with the necessary data to let them deeply research the topic.


Writing a review about science, you have to make it clear and consistent. You should provide the reader with the critical points of the research. Sometimes it is required to pick up the sources for further reading.

Formatting an Article Review

The style and format of your article review should meet the requirements. Ask the teacher which format you should use if he did not mention it. You will spend five minutes on it, but avoid failing.

How many publications should you review?

The number of publications you should review depends on the topic and paper size. For the article review, you are likely to use APA or MLA formatting.

Using the APA format

Indicate the last name of the author, first and middle initial. Also, write down the year and month of publication. If you are writing a journal article review, indicate the year of publication. Always add links to articles.

Using MLA format

In addition to what you specify in the APA format, include the name of the publisher, issue, and page numbers that you analyzed.

Stage 1: the Pre-Writing Process

We recommend creating an outline to prepare for the writing process of an article review. Come up with an introduction with a thesis statement and key arguments for the paper body. Make sure you have enough information to do research. Prepare the advantages and disadvantages of the publication. Remember it is nothing to be ashamed of if you use writing services that can help you with essay writing.

Stage 2: Preparation 

The preparation process helps you tune in to creating a quality article review. Do not skip it to prevent stupid mistakes in the article review.

Step 1. Define an article review

Determine what type of article review you have to write. Depending on the type of paper, you will need a different amount of time to prepare and research.

Step 2. Plan your work on the review

Make a plan for writing an article. Remember you cannot handle the article review in an hour. Allow enough time to create an introduction, the main body of the paper and a conclusion. Remember that each part of the article review should contain key elements.

Step 3. Get a quick glimpse of the article

Read the article without focusing on the individual parts. This will give you a general idea of ​​the subject and topic discussed in the paper. Evaluate the tone and engagement and make small notes. Use it in your article review.

Step 4. Read the article in all attention

Re-read the article, evaluating each piece of paper. Do you like the thesis statement? Is the introduction engaging enough? Write down what you like and what seems not good enough. It will help you finish the article review.

Step 5. Retell the article to yourself

Try retelling the article. You will determine how good it is remembered and you can make an assessment. Write the structure for your article review.

Step 6. Outline your review

Write an outline to make a skeleton of an article review. Use brainstorming to come up with a good thesis statement and a hook. Work on drafts so you don’t transfer errors in the literature review.

Stage 3: Writing

This is where you start writing. Look at the outline and step by step create the paper. Check your draft so you don’t miss important items.

Step 1. Think of a title for your writing

Come up with a suitable title. This should be concise and precise so as not to be in doubt. The title of an article review should explain what it is about.

Step 2. Cite the article that you are reviewing

Add a title and link to the article you are discussing. Remember it is not an essay writing, so cite each source you use in the article review. It helps to avoid plagiarism.

Step 3. Provide general information about the article that you are reviewing.

Indicate the title, topic, and author of the article you are writing about. Report a reader that this is an article review and not a paper itself. From times to times, refer to an initial article.

Step 4. Write your introduction

Prepare an introduction to the article review. Add the thesis statement and consider writing a hook. Remember introduction should consist of one paragraph.

Step 5. Give an overview of the article

Write general impressions and key points of the article. This will allow the reader to understand whether to continue reading.

Step 6. Write the main body of your review

In the body of the article or literature review, you must state your point of view and argue for it. Use credible sources to reinforce your ideas. The body of an article review should consist of three paragraphs.

Stage 4: the Post-Writing Process

Revise your article review and try to find mistakes and flaws. You should edit and proofread the paper to get a higher evaluation. Consider ordering editing or essay writing from our writing service. Therefore, you will save your time and make sure the quality of an article review is high.

Step 1. Summarize the article

Prepare your conclusions and compare them with the conclusions of the author. Add a brief overview to remind the reader of the original article.

Step 2. Critique it

Indicate the advantages and disadvantages that are in the article. Write about errors and logical sequence violations. Make a statement for your article review and strengthen it with proper arguments.

Step 3. Give your article review a final proofread

It is highly recommended to proofread the paper. If you have no idea, how to do that, use online writing services. We will take care of your article review or essay writing. Our writing service can handle each type of assignment, improving the quality of the paper. We guarantee timely delivery and ongoing online support. Contact us to start cooperation.

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