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How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay: Handy Tips For Students

April 3, 2021

Working on a paper can be a real challenge for unprepared students. It may cause inconvenience because the task is most common in a college or university. Let’s discuss what it stands for and how to cope with the assignment at ease.

Critical Analysis Essay: What Is the Task?

First of all, let’s give a short definition of the task. What is it? A critical analysis essay is aimed at analyzing a work of art. It can be a literature text or an art item. You may enjoy the work of art. But you should also distinguish its peculiarities.

You can choose a text and analyze only textual elements. Or the professor may give you a task to work with a film or a painting of another author. The scope of tasks is wide.

You are supposed to describe the basic structure, discuss the topic and analyze the work. It may be easy if you enjoy the topic. But you may still find various difficulties with the writing. In the article, we will cover these difficulties and teach you how to correctly make the analysis.

How to Write an Assignment for Dummies?

Starting the paper is the most difficult part. Students often get lost at the very beginning because no guide describes how to start the paper. We will list the basic steps that will help you start the assignment correctly.

You won’t get lost in the amount of information. Our step-by-step guide will be really helpful for you. You will learn what components should be researched better. You will also find information about the structure of a properly written critical analysis essay.

The main advice is to work carefully on the original text. You need to investigate it and learn it well to be ready to work with it. These are 3 basic steps that you should do.

Work on the Thesis

You may think that now we are talking only about texts. But you should get deeper into the essence of the advice. Your primary task is to learn the main idea of the work. To be true, the main idea isn’t always well seen when you first read the text.

Not every writer follows the rules of academic writing and puts a thesis at the beginning. You may need to read the text or research the work of art several times to identify a thesis. Don’t hesitate with this first step.

Define the Major Points

You need to look carefully at the whole text or film, or whatever you work with. There is a major idea or thesis in every work. But there are also other main points in the text.

These are additional ideas. But they are also developed in the text. You need to find them.

Discuss the Main Ideas

Are you ready with them? So, this is high time to work on the material. Your major task consists of discussing the thesis statement and seeing if the author managed to prove it through the whole text. It is important to consider all the arguments presented in the text and then make the conclusions.

Critical Analysis Essay: Basic Structure

You know how to prepare for the task and start the essay. But what is the basic structure to follow? There are 4 major components you need to use. Let’s discuss them separately to take a closer look at each of them.


We have already discussed how to get prepared for the task and start the essay. Let’s now look at the introduction in more detail. First of all, you need to learn about the original text or work as much as possible.

You should tell the reader about the year of publication, for example. You should also add other necessary information about the author. When you are done with it, it is time to include the information we discussed in the article’s previous section.

You should present a thesis to the reader and discuss it from your point of view. Then you need to introduce the major ideas and give a few words about them. Don’t copy the sentences from the original work. You should rephrase the sentences.

Summarising the Work

This is an interesting part of the writing. Here you need to give a summary of the work being analyzed. You don’t know if your audience is familiar with the text or film that you analyze. For this reason, you should tell the story and explain the main ideas of the work.

The readers should understand what happens in the text. What were the main events? How did the characters behave? Your task is to give the readers a hint about what was going on. It will help them understand your points and the discussion in general.

Analyzing the Work

The next paper is analyzing the text or work of art. This is a crucial part of critical analysis essay writing. You need to be especially careful when working with the analysis. You should create a list of things to be discussed in this part beforehand. These are the ideas to form separate paragraphs.

You need to listen to your heart and express the opinion as it is. If you don’t like the work of art, you should introduce your strong opinion about it. The only rule is to be reasonable and provide sound arguments. If you don’t like the text or video and you have reasons for it, make sure to write them.

The same is about positive emotions. If you enjoy the piece, you need to provide arguments. You can’t simply say that you enjoy the paper or film.


You have learned how to start an essay and make up a well-organized structure. You have even figured out how to analyze the paper. The next step would be to finish the paper. How to work on the conclusion?

You shouldn’t forget that you need to provide only relevant information. Using new facts or ideas would be a mistake. Your task is to summarize the main points and describe them quickly in the conclusive part.

The last part of the conclusion should consist of your personal opinion of the work. You should touch upon this issue in the analysis section. However, it is crucial to mention a few words about your personal opinion in the end.

Easy Ways to Enhance a Critical Analysis Essay Writing

We have covered the basic components of the task. Now it is time to dedicate some time to useful tips. They will make your text sound more full and put together.

  • Use appropriate language. You need to identify your audience first. And then decide what phrases, jokes, and allusions you may use.
  • Be sure about your points. You need to sound convincing. Otherwise, you won’t persuade the reader to share your viewpoint. Don’t use phrases or word constructions that can make your ideas and descriptions sound less important.
  • Don’t be afraid to express your ideas. In a critical analysis essay writing, you can provide a personal opinion about the work to be analyzed. But keep in mind that you should argumentatively prove your opinion.
  • Refer to credible sources when working with the arguments. If you want to show the references, you must use only credible information sources.
  • Don’t resort to the finest details. You don’t need to retail the whole paper or plot.

These are simple tips that can make your writing better. Use them, and you will see the difference in your critical analysis essay writing.

Let’s Sum It Up

Working on the assignment is interesting. You can learn more about a new author and get in-depth knowledge about a piece of art. There are several important steps that you should take before writing. They will help you manage the task easier.

Work on the structure and choose relevant arguments to prove your ideas. You will write a good paper if you follow our tips.

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