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How to Start a Research Paper Correctly

June 7, 2021

Research essays might be in-depth or short, but all of them should follow the same structure or pattern, despite the type of the research essay. There might be some slight differences, but if you are able to compose a specific research essay type, you will be able to compose another. Check out the following guide to completing and starting your research essa

  1. Select your topic.

             Select the topic that appeals to be the most interesting for you. Composing your research essay will be much more beneficial if you choose a topic that you are interested in and want to know more about, so you will put enough effort into writing your essay. Ensure the topic isn’t too broad. So narrow it down if you are utilizing the terms and notions which are too general.

2. Find data on your topic.

            It would be perfect to use academic search engines because they feature a great amount of background data on your topic. The library of your institution might give you access to a bunch of online research databases. If it seems to be complicated to find adequate data on your topic, you would better find another one and move on.

3. Generate a thesis statement.

           One of the essential elements of academic work is the thesis statement. It is possible to define it as a short statement of the central message or main point of your essay. 

4. Generate a research essay outline.

          It is possible to define an outline as a skeleton of your research essay. Just begin with writing down the thesis and key ideas you are willing to present. It might be modified as soon as you progress the research. Thus, you should not worry about being attentive to detail and too specific at the initial stages of composing your outline.

5. Arrange your notes.

         Organizing all the data, you have collected due to the outline will assist you later on in the composing process. Just analyze the notes, verify the data, check for accuracy, and ensure you comprehend all the data you have collected in the way that you might communicate the findings efficiently.

6. Write the intro.

           Begin with the intro. It would guide your essay and assist you during the process of writing. If you wait to compose it at the end, your setup will be poorly written, so the essay will not be well-written as well. 

7. Compose the initial draft of the main body.

            The main body of your essay is supposed to describe, explain, and argue your topic. Begin with the initial topic from the outline you have. Perfectly, you should organize the notes in a way that you might work via the research essay outline and have every single note ready.

8. Revise. 

          Once you finish your first draft, you would better take some time to make sure your essay is without content mistakes. So you should make changes, rearrange ideas, and check the fluency of your paragraphs. Therefore, it would be better to re-read the research essay instructions and ensure all the format requirements are followed. You might also utilize proofreading or free grammar checkers like Grammarly.

9. Compose the conclusion.

           Compose the conclusion last and ensure you do not add any new data here which you have not presented in the main body of the essay. The conclusion must wrap up the essay smoothly and show that you answered the research question.

10. One more time, revise, proofread, and edit.

           Wait for a few days after you finish writing the final research essay’s draft. Then, begin to make the final corrections. Take a break to provide you with the newest perspective so you will be more perceptive and open.

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People also ask about:

  • How do you write an introduction paragraph for a research paper?

          First of all, you should state your research essay theme. The initial sentences might be common concerning the general topic. Then, you should include more details about your topic. Be original and unique. Explain the key terms. Mind the size of the intro, either not making it too long or too short. Refer to the keywords and follow the rules of the logic.

  • What is the initial step to begin composing a research essay?

           The first thing you are supposed to do is select the topic. Ensure the topic you choose is not too broad. Narrow it down if you are utilizing too general terms.

  • What is the right format of the research essay?

           The research essay format depends on the type of journal you are submitting to. Ensure to check the citation style initially to format the essay accordingly. 

  • What research essay section must I write first?

           Begin with the intro. It will guide your essay and assist you during the writing process. Do not wait to compose it at the end because your setup will be badly written, so your essay will be poorly written as well. 

  • What is the final step of writing the research essay?

           The final step of the research essay must be proofreading. Let the few days pass as soon as you finish composing the final research essay’s draft. Only then should you make the final corrections. So you should proofread, revise, and edit your essay, finally. 

  • What software might I use to compose a research essay?

          There are many online tools you might utilize to compose your paper. However, you would better read the feedback about the specific proofreading and grammar check tools online and only then choose the one for you.    

  • How do you write a good introduction?

           The first thing you are supposed to do is to start your intro with a solid and engaging hook. It must grab the reader’s attention and inform them about the general topic. Then, you should state your concentrated topic. Once you finish writing your hook, you should compose a few sentences concerning the specific focus of the essay. State the thesis statement, finally. It must not be longer than two sentences. 

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